IMPORTANT: Please apply the changes listed in this file to the latest translation that's available on the website (in your language). Don't update your local translation copy on your harddrive. I may have changed the structure and/or contents in your translation that has not been mentioned on this page.


The following strings and/or sections has been added:

0x00cd=An error occured while trying to load the installed codecs. Please make sure that the installed codecs are compatible with this version of Infra Recorder.
0x00ce=Decoding audio tracks.
0x00cf=Unable to find a suitable decoder for the audio file: %s.
0x00d0=Unable to find the wave encoder. Please verify your codec configuration.
0x00d1=Failed to initialize the %s encoder (%d,%d,%d,%I64d).
0x00d2=Encoder failed, could not encode data.
0x00d3=Decoded the audio file: %s.
0x00d4=The selected target folder is invalid. Please select another target folder.
0x00d5=Encoded the audio file: %s.
0x00d6=Encoding track (%s).

0x048a=Temporary folder
0x048b=The folder specified below will be used when data has to be temporarily stored on your harddrive.

0x00ef=Save Tracks
0x0462=Target folder:
0x048e=Audio track output format:


The following strings have been changed:

Old: 0x0025=The file you are trying to add is not supported. Currently only Wave files can be added to audio projects.
New: 0x0025=The file you are trying to add is not supported.