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The following strings and/or sections has been added:

0x00d7=Invalid FIFO buffer size. The size must be at least %i MiB and at most %i MiB.
0x00d8=Level 4 (ISO-9660 version 2)
0x00d9=It's recommended to write a cloned disc using the raw96r or raw16 write method. The selected recorder supports none of these modes.
0x00dc=Copy to Disc Image
0x00dd=Audio discs and multi-session discs must be copied in clone mode to be copied correctly. Please note that it's not possible to clone a disc on the fly.
0x00de=The selected disc image seems to include a TOC-file. It's recommended that you record images that includes a TOC and sub-channel data using a raw write method. Infra Recorder will automatically suggest one for you.
0x00df=Started to estimate file system size.
0x00e0=Done estimating file system size (%I64d sectors).
0x00e1=An error occured while estimating the file system size. Can not continue.
0x00e2=Estimating file system size.
0x00e5=Write in session-at-once (SAO) mode
0x00e6=Write in track-at-once (TAO) mode
0x00e7=Write in raw96r mode
0x00e8=Write in raw16 mode
0x00e9=Write in raw96p mode
0x00ea=This option should only be changed when Infra Recorder has detected the wrong write speeds. It does not allow your recorder to write faster than its specification or faster than the media allows.
0x00ec=You can't add more boot images. The maximum number of allowed boot images in one project is 63.
0x00ef=Hard disk
0x00f1=Edit Boot Image

0x0493=FIFO buffer size
0x0494=This option allows you to change the amount of memory that will be used as a RAM buffer. This is the secondary buffer in addition to your recorder's physical buffer.

0x0087=Add a new boot image to the project.
0x0088=Remove the selected boot image from the project.
0x0089=Edit the selected boot image.

0x0489=Clone disc (recommended)

0x0489=Ignore read errors
0x0498=Read all sub-channel data and the full TOC
0x0499=Read speed:

0x0472=Do not display this message again

0x00f3=Add Boot Image
0x03ff=Local path:
0x04a1=Emulation type:
0x04a3=Advanced options
0x04a4=Make image not bootable
0x04a5=Write boot-info-table to the image
0x04a7=Boot load segment:
0x04a9=Boot load size:

0x049c=Boot images:
0x049f=Boot catalog:
0x04ab=Include UDF support in the generated filesystem
0x04ac=Generate a DVD-Video compliant filesystem


The following strings have been removed:

0x00e3=Copy to Disc Image
0x03fd=Infra Recorder does not support copying of audio discs. If you want to copy an audio disc, please use the Manage Tracks tool to save the tracks and then create a new music project to record them.
0x0472=Do not display this message again