IMPORTANT: Please apply the changes listed in this file to your translation. Added means that the values should be added to their corresponding section in your translation. Removed means that the values should be removed. Changed means that you should replace the value old with the value new in your translation.


The following strings and/or sections has been added:

0x8038=Display help topics.

0x0103=Drive Letter of %s %s %s
0x0104=Quick format
0x0105=Full format
0x0106=(please insert a disc)
0x0107=(unsupported media)
0x0108=Formatting disc.
0x0109=Formatting disc in background.
0x010a=Closing track.
0x010b=Started to format disc in %s mode.
0x010c=Could not format the disc.
0x010d=Could not stop the background format process.
0x010e=The disc was successfully formatted.

0x03fd=InfraRecorder could not automatically detect the drive letter of one of your drives. Please specify the correct drive letter below:



The following strings have been removed:

0x0100=InfraRecorder was unable to determine the drive letter of your recorder. The disc can not be verified.


The following strings have been changed:

Old: 0x0067=Erase the entire disc
New: 0x0067=Blank the entire disc
Old: 0x0068=Minimally erase the disc (PMA, TOC, pregap)
New: 0x0068=Minimally blank the disc
Old: 0x006a=Erase last session
New: 0x006a=Blank last session

Old: 0x8004=Erase Re&writable Disc...
New: 0x8004=E&rase/Format Disc...

Old: 0x8004=Erase a rewritable disc.
New: 0x8004=Erase or format a disc.

Old: 0x00cb=Erase Rewritable Disc
New: 0x00cb=Erase/Format Disc