IMPORTANT: Added means that the values should be added to their corresponding section in your translation. Removed means that the values should be removed. Changed means that you should replace the value old with the value new in your translation.


The following strings and/or sections has been added:

0x804a=Create a new multi-session data CD project.

0x804a=Data CD (&multi-session)

0x012f=Unable to automatically reload the media. Please try to reload it manually, and then press OK.
0x0130=Operation failed.
0x0131=Failed to create disc image.
0x0132=File System
0x0133=Unable to import session, could not read disc contents.
0x0137=The inserted disc does not appear to be empty, do you want to erase it first?
0x0138=Multi-session discs require an ISO9660 file system (without any additional file systems). Do you want InfraRecorder to change your project to use this file system and continue?
0x0139=Verifying Disc

0x04ba=File system:
0x04ad=Allow more than 8 directories of path depth

0x0479=Track to import:

0x04bf=Associate InfraRecorder with disc images (.iso, .img and .cue)

0x0000=The directory structure is deeper than %d levels. Deep files and folders will be ignored.
0x0001=Skipping "%s".
0x0002=Skipping "%s", the file is larger than 4 GiB.
0x0003=The file "%s" is larger than 4 GiB. It will not be visible in the ISO9660/Joliet file system.
0x0004=The disc image path table is too large. The project contains too many files.
0x0005=Unable to open file for writing: %s.
0x0006=Unable to open file for reading: %s.
0x0007=Building file tree.
0x0008=Writing file data.
0x0009=Writing ISO9660 path tables.
0x000a=Writing Joliet path tables.
0x000b=Writing directory entries.


The following strings have been removed:

0x049f=Boot catalog:

0x03ff=Local path:
0x04a5=Write boot-info-table to the image

0x0431=Character set:
0x04ab=Include UDF support in the generated filesystem
0x04ad=Use Rock Ridge extensions


The following strings have been changed:

Old: 0x0030=Level 3
New: 0x0030=Level 3 (files larger than 4 GiB)
Old: 0x009d=Writing disc image (estimated finish %s).
New: 0x009d=Writing disc image.