Version 0.40

InfraRecorder 0.40 is now available for download. Click here to download it now.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

28 Responses to “Version 0.40”

  1. biki says:

    great program..
    still, new version ignores speed setting and causes lot’s of buffer underrun errors.
    is it a problem with my computer/system?
    or this function is just not implemented yet?

  2. Miha says:

    No work Pioneer DVD-RW 107, 111 🙁
    Critical Error

  3. fc says:

    Searces wmvcore.dll, please remove this searching because lots of people has removed Bill$ mediaplayer with nlite.

  4. Goster says:

    Thanks man 🙂

  5. Rasi says:

    Speed problems is a problem with cdrtools. you won’t find any cdrtools based program, that can burn with NON-maximum speed on DVD. (yet)

  6. wi says:

    Nice work! Thanks for the new release.

  7. Bagheera says:

    Thnxs, same wishes for you! Hopefully 2007 will bring us many luck.
    And hopefully we will stay in good health….

    Greetz Bagheera

  8. SamK says:

    IR v 0.40 consistently generates the following error message when attempting to create an audio CD from wma format files “The file you are trying to add is not supported” and fails to create the CD.

    Creating audio CD’s from mp3’s works well as does creating data CD’s.

  9. josh says:

    unfortunately I have the same problem. The program errors when scanning the scsi/ide bus. If I manage to get into the program it doesn’t recognize my NEC dvd drive. I look forward to your next version when hopefully this issue is resolved. Keep up the good work.

  10. Alessandro says:

    I just learned about Infra Recorder through the Kubuntu page, successfully burned the CD Image and am happy that I finally found a good and free burn tool. Clean and easy UI, very cool, thank You!

  11. David García-Abad says:

    Hi, Christian!
    I have realized about a little detail: at least in version 3.1 (wich I have installed) the program doesn´t appear in Windows´ “Add/Remove Programs” list. I don´t think it is important. Anyway, if it is easy to fix, it gives the program an elegant touch 😉

  12. David García-Abad says:

    Forget about my previous post: I have just installed version 4.0 and the “Add/Remove” issue is fixed. Two thumbs up! 🙂

  13. chromax says:

    this program is really great. I tested nearly all burning tools on shareware sites and they burn, but the interface needs more features.
    Infra Recorder has a clear-, clean interface and nice options.

    It would be a good feature to have a “remaining space on Medium” Display at the bottom of the screen

  14. chromax says:

    Also a nice feature in the burning dialog is a dynamic display of the burned Mb and a check-button for “shutdown after complete”
    How about a “loading-bar” that shows the complete burning process and not one for track 1, then for track 2.

    Theres a problem with very long filenames. They can´t burned with infra. Nero gives a message with a list of files which will be “cutted”.

    I couldn´t erase some RWs with it. Sometimes it runs, sometimes not. With all options tested (fast, complete etc).

    Burned some DVDs and sometimes they had CRC errors and sometimes there were no readable data on the medium. With CDBurnerXP or Nero7 there were no problems with hardware, mainboard, OS etc.

    So I will not use it, but there is much potential in this software.

  15. guwapo says:

    thanks for another great release! looking forward for the 0.41 version which will at last burn data discs on-the-fly 🙂

  16. Rob says:

    Congratulations on the new version. Is it possible yet to do a one button audio cd copy in Infra Recorder? I would like to have the program cache and then copy with one click. Thanks again. Happy New Year,

  17. chromax says:

    now it runs, but how it is possible to write two files with exact the same name in one directory???
    What will windows say!?

  18. Rasi says:


    just tried cdrtfe (another cdrtools frontend), which also ignored the speed settings in the past.

    but now they work, so it cannot be a cdrtools bug anymore…

  19. GGG says:

    Have a look at this link. Ableburn is very simmilar to infra recorder.

  20. biki says:

    ableburn is not free software, just freeware.

  21. Gio says:

    great program.
    But the version 0.40 causes “Buffer overrun errors” when I create a cd audio from mp3 files.

    The error is: “Buffer overrun detected! A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program’s internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.

    is it a problem with my computer/system? You can help me?
    (excuse me but I do not speak the good English)

  22. Justin Lin says:

    Go advertise your crap elsewhere.

    Infra Recorder is the best burning software I’ve used. It’s fully portable, beautiful GUI and very stable. It’s simply amazing. I also sneeked a peak at the source, and it’s very well organized. Good job and hope you keep up the good work! 🙂

  23. ACarvalho says:

    After TugZip this one GPL prog congratulations !

  24. sansibar says:

    How to install Infra Recorder on a XP Pro active-directory-client system?
    Installation under administrator-rights is fine. But as soon as I work on some restricted client-account, the entry under ‘programs’ and the desktop icon dissapear. Direct link to the installation directory does not work either because of some rights issue.

    Any thoughts about this?

  25. Vacon says:

    Hello everyone,

    I just tested Infra-recorder and couldn’t manage to burn a DVD on the fly (other things worked fine!). Now I don’t know if it was my fault or if I missed something. Or maybe it is yet to be implemented?!
    as I tested at home you can unpack the installation-package of Infra-recorder with 7-Zip and put the folder whereever you want (and it works).
    To manage the rights you can use Nero’s rightmanagement tool or Frog’s:
    But you have to use these tools as admin first 😉

    Best regards!

  26. Vacon says:

    Hello everyone,

    I could swear, I had commented yesterday, but somehow I must have done something wrong…
    I think Infra-recorder is a very promising program!
    Maybe you should ask in the help-forum:
    Until then you should have a look if burning-rights are set for all users. To do that, you can use:

    Best regards,

  27. Serge says:

    After scanning DVD-RW drive programm crash!
    Correct This Very Big Bug!!!

  28. john says:

    Agree with previous comment about long file names. Sorry but you can’t release a project with this one’s ambitions and not address that. I can’t spend hours doing manual renames. I liked it otherwise, but this is such a terribly obvious issue to address.