Version 0.30

I have finally uploaded an installation package for version 0.30 to the download servers. The download is available from the download section.

9 Responses to “Version 0.30”

  1. geno says:

    i’ve just tested your software….it’s very nice! Only a pair of feature request many importants:

    – possibility to insert into audio-cd also .mp3 and .ogg files;
    – possibility to select PAUSE-TIME between audio-tracks. For example if i need to burn a live-concert i need to set 0seconds between tracks.

    – preset to burn video-dvd (folders audio-ts, video-ts);

    Congraturations for the software…..if you insert these features i think that many people will put into trash Ahead NERO 🙂

  2. dino says:

    any new version comming soon? 🙂

    thx great software

  3. Andreas says:

    Infra Recorder looks very nice and professional, kudos to you. Can’t wait ’til it supports burning audio cd’s directly from mp3’s! 🙂

  4. francisco says:

    many thanks for this great program
    i have a tech question :
    i use 16x dvd for recording , and the program dont lets me make any copyes
    it exits without recording and says : DMA is too slow
    i see it only can record at 6x maximun speed !!!
    cannot have elegible recording speed ???
    dont exist any option to select properly recording speed ???
    now i cant use this program for this trouble !! and i like it !
    please help
    many thanks
    best regards


  5. Anton says:

    Thanks for this app. Great clean interface. Reminded me my another favourite – TUGZip, and hey! – it’s (C) Christian Kindahl too 🙂 Thank you guy, and keep your style!

  6. francisco says:

    another question …
    no posible change of speed chnages in advanced options
    they are in grey mode not sellectable…
    also i dont find ur email in contact page or support and faq traking posibility , so that i wrote here
    excuse if not able to be here

    best regards

  7. Krovit says:

    Yes, it’s very nice and light!

    And the lnguage files [italian] ?

    Tanks, very much…

  8. Carl says:

    Will it support UDF (>4gb file size)?

  9. Christian says:

    It’s does currently not support creating custom UDF discs. Maybe this feature will be added in the fututre.

    Yes, audio encoding/decoding is on my to-do list.