Version 0.44

Finally, the new version is here! I’ll let the changelog speak for itself.

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  1. rhy says:

    Hi, how do I make an audio cd from mp3s? Thanks in Advance.

  2. shamka says:

    thank you so very much for the improvements!!! 🙂

  3. BreTT says:

    Thank you for the new release!

  4. nawala says:

    thank you for your work! infrarecorder is really a very nice application! i hope you keep on developing it!

  5. Ferdinand says:

    I love your program. It’s the best burning program and I recommend/install it everywhere. What makes it so good is that it is small, easy to use, clean and very portable(you can take it with you on an USB stick).

  6. rhy says:

    Yeah, this software is the last piece of open source software I needed in my tool chain for Windows. Except for a couple of games and Winamp. I do need to make an audio CD from mp3, though, so any advice is appreciated…..

    Gimp, Open Office, Pidgin, Mupen ++, Zsnes, UltraVNC, Firefox, Kompozer, Thunderbird, and InfraRecorder. Awesome Stuff!!

  7. Marco says:

    To make an AudioCD from mp3s you need to download the mp3 plugin.
    You can grab if from the InfraRecorder SourceFroge site:

  8. Kruno says:

    Thanks for the new release! It’s great.

    @Rhy: The message bellow can be found on Download page. Follow the link. After eventual restart of IR, File->New Project->Audio CD should do the magic.

    Note: The InfraRecorder installation package does not include the plug-in needed to encode MP3-files due to patent license restrictions. This does not affect all countries. Visit this page to download the sources or binaries.

  9. Nelson says:

    Does this release support Unicode?

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks for the improved icon support!

  11. daser says:

    But Program Log shows 0.43.1 version yet!

  12. Richie says:

    Thank you, the improvements are great. Are there any plans for a FLAC plugin?

  13. Heliologue says:

    Still no FLAC decoder, hunh? Well, thanks for the update anyway.

  14. Heliologue says:

    Come to think of it, is there a reason neither Vorbis nor libsndfile are supported in the x64 of InfraRecorder?

  15. mike says:

    Definitely better!

    Sometimes the files are renamed to comply to the fs. Could you make a warning to have a chance to decide if it is right?
    It also fails to find them at verify stage.


  16. Mario Bianchi says:

    Yes, please add a warning to say that files will be renamed (allowing to cancel burn); is UDF support enhanced? Can it be considered stable?

    GREAT piece of software, please keep on developing it!

  17. vvorl says:

    Thank you for the new release and for all your great work on InfraRecorder!

  18. heyko`s says:

    InfraRecorder 0.44…

    Vorgestern hat Christian Kindahl eine neue Version der Windows Open-Source Brennsoftware InfraRecorder veröffentlicht.
    Hier mal ein kleiner Ãœberblick der Neuerungen aus dem ChangeLog:

    Es ist jetzt möglich für CD Kopien das gleiche Laufwerk als Que…

  19. pvagner says:

    Thanks a lot for tab key navigation in the main window. For the future would it be possible to add ctrl+c ctrl+x keys for copy and cut to the explorer views? Using context menu is even less confortable than spamming an instance of some file manager and copying from there in some cases.

    Also I am one of those using flac so if it will be added at some point it will just make me happy. Also vorbis was updated in this case recompiling with new headers should be enough I guess.

  20. d says:

    hello, i was wondering whether infrarecorder might start a mingw32-built cdrtools instead of the current cygwin-built cdrtools it’s bundled with now.

    using the cdrtools build from drops the size of the infrarecorder zip release from 3.33 MB to 2.53 MB with no loss of functionality. i’m a huge fan of open source software reducing bloat, and this is one such opportunity. of course an eventual move to libburnia would be even better, however it’s still quite immature.

  21. Dr_Hope says:

    Greatest thing! Thank you vere-very-very much! 🙂

  22. Cool Dude 2k says:

    When I try to burn a cd the ok button stays grayed out.
    I’ve tried putting a new cd to see if it was the cd but it still not working.

  23. pvagner says:

    is it possible my post was deleted?
    I just would like to say thanks for the tabkey navigation in the main window. Would it be possible to add ctrl+c for copying from the explorer view?

    Also I support requests including flac codec and vorbis has been also updated. I have read changes are just formal so recompiling with new headers should be sufficient I believe.

  24. pvagner says:

    oops please accept my apologies. I am blind indeed

  25. ryno says:

    sweet… the best part of this addon is the website link in the about screen… seriously!
    Thanks for the great app!

  26. Pete Boyd says:

    I have the same problem as Cool Dude 2k, on Windows XPSP2 as both an administrator and limited user, writing discs and erasing rewritable discs isn’t possible because the buttons are greyed out, as are choosing the write speed. I checked 0.43.1 on the same computer and it worked fine.
    I installed by removing the files from the previous version and putting the new files in their place.

  27. Vacon says:

    Hello everyone,

    is it right that language-files (at least “german”) are for 0.43.1 still? Plans for more recent updates?

    Best regards!

  28. Vacon says:

    Hello everyone,

    @ Pete Boyd and Cool Dude 2k:
    Which version of cdrtools do you have installed? Have you tried with other version?

    Best regards!

  29. Eoghan says:

    Excellent work, thank you!
    But I’m still wondering why the MiB bar at the bottom goes up in multiples of 78, seems a bit weird to me! 🙂

  30. Paul says:

    So many improvements! Well done! I’ve been using it for a while now and I will continue.
    BTW, is there any way to bypass the speed selection when the bus is too slow? (my bus allows 7x but the program locks the maximum velocity to 4x instead of 8x. Is there any way to use the extra speed?).
    Thank you!

  31. rhy says:

    I have put the mp3 codec in the proper directory. I’ve restarted IR and restarted Windows. I’m in x64 by the way… Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve also searched the help, google, and asked a couple other places.

  32. fcspaul says:

    When trying to copy a disc the OK button is greyed out. The ‘Write speed’ and ‘Write method’ buttons are also greyed out. The changelog says it is now possible to have the source and destination drives be the same however I suspect that it is not working or still has a bug that prevents the source and destination drives from being the same.

    The version of cdrtools I am using is whichever one was in the installer for InfraRecorder 0.44. I am running the program as an administrator under Windows XP Pro. The systems I am trying to run this on are Dell Optiplex 320.

  33. Christian says:

    Thanks for your comments!

    rhy: To make an audio disc of MP3s you will need to have Windows Media Player installed. The separate MP3 plug-in is for encoding MP3s only. I’ll see if I can add MP3 decode support to that plug-in as well, for the users who do not have WMP installed.

    Heliologue: Yes there is. I have not been able to compile libvorbis using a 64-bit compiler. libsndfile needs to be compiled using Mingw for Windows, Mingw does not supply a 64-bit compiler.

    mike and others: I’ll see if I can add a warning in the next version.

    d: Sounds great! I’ll definitely see if I can compile cdrtools using Mingw instead.

    Cool Dude 2k and Pete Boyd: It would be great if you could e-mail me your log files for me to examine.

    fcspaul: When you want to copy a disc using the same device as target and source, you first need to insert a blank disc to select the correct recording speed. You will then be prompted to insert the source disc which should be copied when you click the OK button.

  34. Stefan1200 says:

    I like the new Drag&Drop feature to move files within the project! Thanks, was one of my most wanted features.

    Can you add in the context menu of the data disc project an entry to create a new folder (like clicking on the toolbar button)? I don’t know why, sometimes I look in the context menu for it ;). At the moment there are only rename and delete possible.

  35. paranoid says:

    Great job. This new release has everything that I hoped it would and more. keep up the good work.

  36. шкутер says:

    strange russian translation

  37. Stefan1200 says:

    @шкутер: Thats because the new strings are not translated in your language. Yesterday I updated the german translation. You could update the translation of your language and send the file to Christian. You can find the updated and added string in the Roadmap.

  38. fcspaul says:

    When using the copy CD function to make a copy of an audio CD everything seems to complete OK however the disc is still showing as a blank CD in Windows. I do not know if it matters however it is also seems very slow on reading the audio CD during the imaging step but that might just be my perception. In the log there are a couple of errors. The errors have to do with the Sense Key, Sense Code and Sense flags. It also looks like the copy stops before getting to the Lead out. The test CD I am using is an older CD (1998) that as far as I can tell has no copy protection. I can clearly see the .cda files when browsing the CD.

    I am using the default options. The default write method is raw96r. Nothing is changed before clicking OK to continue.

  39. galiiiva says:

    Thank you very much for the new release!

  40. Nate says:

    Thanks for the tool. You don’t see many native x64 applications. It works great on XP x64.

  41. ms says:

    thanks thanks thanks……
    great & simple app.
    do the basic things mostly people need.
    FLAC decoder addition will be most welcomed.

  42. Arcadia says:

    “When I try to burn a cd the ok button stays grayed out.”
    I have the exact same problem with 0.44 version. Switched back to 0.43.1 for the time being.

  43. Hraefn says:

    Oops! I posted the following message under the wrong version number. My bad.

    I’m having some problem with 0.44 (portable): the OK button is always grayed out (the same thing happens with 0.44 ansi version). Downgrading to 0.43.1 fixed the problem.

    Otherwise, this is a great piece of software! I’ve been banging my head trying to get Nero to burn to a 99min/870mb CD, but InfraRecorder was the only program to do it successfully. Good job!

  44. milanbb55 says:

    thank you for this version… 🙂 Big thanks from Slovakia

  45. paranoid says:

    I’m getting the same problem as Cool Dude 2k. My log is almost exactly like his, but my drive is different.
    Model: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552D
    Firmware Revision: HP06
    Device Type: ATAPI device, other type
    ATA Version: ATA-0
    IR’s log shows up as
    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Friday, November 16 2007 17:35:04.
    Versions: MSW = 5.1, IE = 6.0, CC = 6.0.
    Opened device ‘E’ using SPTI.
    Opened device ‘E’ using SPTI.
    Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02.
    CDB: 0xAC,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x40,0x03,0x00
    Sense: 0x70,0x00,0x05,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x0A

  46. paranoid says:

    I forgot – TSSTCorp= Samsung

  47. kaweka says:

    Same problem here:
    “OK” button is greyed out since 0.44 on different laptops and desktops with different cd/dvd devices.
    OS german Windows XP Home/Pro.

  48. Tyler Durden says:

    I installed the latest release on my Win 2K machine. When I start up the program I get a dialog box that say that “wmvcore.dll is not a valid windows image”. I DL’d and installed a fresh copy of wmvcore.dll but the problem persists. I can close the box several times, and eventually the program loads, but I haven’t tested functionality. Any ideas?

    The program is working great on my win XP SP2 machine.


  49. Neil Haskins says:

    I’ve also got the same problem as cool dude 2k. In the burn compilation dialog the OK button is grayed out as well as “on the fly”, “verify the disc after writing”, “write speed”, and “write method”

  50. leonid says:

    Does infrarecorder support gapless audio cd burning — you know, the disk-at-once kind without the 2-second gap between songs? i’ve tried all of the settings to no avail, so maybe i’m doing something wrong… any help would be hot, thx.

  51. talos_2002 says:

    May I ask for a new feature here?
    When creating an iso file larger than 4 GB in a fat32 partition, we get a “No space left on device. cannot fwrite 32768*1” message.
    Could you make it pop an error message before creating the image or cancel the procedure in such an occasion or even better split the image into more parts like ImgBurn does?

  52. Gaius says:

    InfraRecorder running in LUA works fine with Nero BurnRights. Only one little bug to adjust, when I change the settings it won´t remember them. Have tried changing both in LUA and also with the “Run As…” command.


  53. Peter says:


    I have a problem with InfraRecorder not detecting my burning device. (Not specifically a problem with this version, it never has detected it)

    It is a laptop DVD-RW Drive, LG GSAT20N (

    Nero Burning Rom detects it, but InfraRecorder doesn’t. Diagnostics say as follows:

    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -scanbus.
    > Using libscg version ‘schily-0.9’.
    > scsibus0:
    > 0,0,0 0) *
    > 0,1,0 1) *
    > 0,2,0 2) *
    > 0,3,0 3) *
    > 0,4,0 4) *
    > 0,5,0 5) *
    > 0,6,0 6) *
    > 0,7,0 7) HOST ADAPTOR
    > scsibus1:
    > 1,0,0 100) ‘TOSHIBA ‘ ‘MK2035GSS ‘ ‘DK02’ Disk
    > 1,1,0 101) *
    > 1,2,0 102) *
    > 1,3,0 103) *
    > 1,4,0 104) *
    > 1,5,0 105) *
    > 1,6,0 106) *
    > 1,7,0 107) HOST ADAPTOR

    I have the latest firmware version for the drive. Is there anything I could do to make InfraRecorder detect it?

  54. Mietzsche says:

    Has anyone problem with InfraRecorder taking lots of cpu while burning? (about 50-60 on X2@2.5Ghz)

  55. Amigos says:

    Thanks alots for best alternative freeware program. God bless You!!!

  56. Stefan1200 says:

    @Mietzsche: Are you sure to have DMA for your burners or read source activated?

    For example Windows 2000 has disabled DMA for removable devices by default, like burners. It must be activated in the device manager properties of the ide device controller.

  57. Someone says:

    Thanks so much!

  58. DooGie says:

    A great piece of software.
    After getting sick of the Nero bloat I found InfraRecorder and gave it a try not expecting much. I was sadly mistaken, this app gives me most of what I want as far as burning discs is concerned.
    One thing that bugs me though, if I do full format on a CDRW the progress bar doesn’t work. Only a minor annoyance I know but irritating just the same.
    Keep up the good work.

  59. Luizjb says:

    Nero out!
    Infrarecorder in!

  60. manuel says:

    Thanks for all, really a great program.

  61. DmitryYakimov says:

    Is it possible to verify written iso image after burning? The option is disabled. It is in todo list? Thanks!

  62. kingbo says:

    infrarec 0.44 hangs during startup on device detection (Windows 98 SE)
    im not sure that infrarec runs very well under Win 98,
    like all the last Versions
    try again !!!!!!

  63. jynus says:

    InfraRecorder is probably *the best free/libre recording program for Windows*.

    Thanks a lot for you contribution and keep up the good work!

  64. Burger says:

    Hey There,

    I’m trying to put in infrarecorder on a super old computer. I have a circa 2000 HP pavillion that originally had Windows ME. I’ve installed XP with SP 2 on the thing but I’m still running the original 4x mitsumi CDR/CDRW drive. Is this drive too old for the sofware to pick up on? To get to the point I have the same problem as Cool Dude 2k with the ok button grayed out and am thinking it might be the program not liking the hardware. It does read it and has the speed settings though.

    By the way I installed it on my real up to date computer first and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the great open source app!!

  65. mamg says:

    Hi, how do I make an audio cd from mp3s? Thanks in Advance

  66. Ross Gayler says:

    I’ll also put in a request for verification of ISO images. Just call me paranoid, but …

  67. dalco says:

    like some of us, i have some buttons staying greyed
    i’m working with xpsp2 and crd-1400p (sanyo recorder)
    Infrarecorder 0.44.1 can’t do the job!!!

    any solutions ?

  68. Stan says:

    I just came across Infrarecorder yesterday and am really beginning to learn and enjoy using it ! I am not sure tho about this:
    Under action , then Disc Information (using Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-115D it says :
    Disc Type : DVD+RW
    Book Type: DVD+RW (revision2)
    Region : 8
    I need to know how to change region 8 to region 1 !!!
    Thanks so much for this great freeware !

  69. sjei says:

    anyone knows how to adjust the burning privileges for non-admin users manually instead of using NeroBurnRights? I’ve been poking around with accessenum and process monitor from sysinternals but couldn’t find anything.

  70. Christian says:

    Try to change the following registry keys:

    “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\allocatecdroms” should be set to 1

    “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\allocatedasd” should be set to 2

    Let me know how it works.

  71. sjei says:

    sorry no go.

  72. Christian says:

    If the recorder can’t be found, maybe something else is wrong. Please check the FAQ.

  73. sjei says:

    it works running as admin.

  74. Robert says:

    I am having the same problem as Stan.

    I have infrarecorder installed on two seperate machince. Both burn all dvds as region 8. Infrarecorder reports that the dvd drives and virtual drives are region 8. I know for a fact that they are set to region 1. Any solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  75. Eagle says:

    Hey guys,

    is this project alive or dead?

    Because there are still bugs left to fix within SF’s bug-tracker, but no recent news was published (at least not since 2008 started).. 🙁

  76. Andy says:

    Still no gapless audio. Someday.. gapless audio/dao will come and then InfraRecorder will be the best 🙂

  77. Jim says:

    Still does not support my NEC 3550A. Better luck next time i guess.
    just so i could write iso’s again.

  78. Burnel Calipso says:

    wow this is very good! thanks for sharing such wonderful apps. great site. great work!

    -Burnel Calipso
    Writer, Life Quotes