New Version Soon

I just want to post a message to let everyone know that a new version of InfraRecorder will be released later this week.

I encourage all translators to join the translators mailing list. This mailing list will be used to discuss translation details. It will also be the place where I will announce changes that are needed to make the translations compatible with future version of InfraRecorder.

Click here to go to the InfraRecorder mailing list page. The translation changes for version 0.45 can be found here.

18 Responses to “New Version Soon”

  1. Athan says:

    Thanks for the info!
    Any details about what’s new in new version?

  2. Aan says:

    Will be there in new version fix for slow burning? I’m getting at same conditions almost twise longer times in IR than in Nero (24min vs 14min).

  3. Clem says:

    Hey there, good to hear! Can you tell me, whether AHCI support will be included in this version or not? It is kinda annoying to always turn it off for burning and back on for reading *lol*


  4. Max says:

    Good to see this great applications in steady developement. Thanks for the Info!

  5. Superbisco says:

    BUG: When add files to disc layout list and the list is ordered by Name, the file will be unsort

  6. bruno says:

    It don’t work on Vista SP1 on Del latitude.
    It don’t find writer !

  7. rhY says:

    Hey man! Lovin’ the program. I’ve almost completely replaced my entire commercial tool set with FOSS apps now. This was one of the last vestiges! Can’t wait to get a fully working windows clone a la reactos and use:

    Open Office

    to create a full fledged windows replacement distro that I can hand out freely. All we still need is a Winamp replacement, and a Skype replacement. Keep up the great work man!

  8. mnpg says:

    Do you planned a MSI package for X86?

  9. YoYurec says:

    good recorder! tnx, man!!!

    2 rhY:
    >All we still need is a Winamp replacemen
    AIMP, Foobar…

  10. Silvir says:

    Just switched from CdburnerXP. Great work guys! Curious about this new version. Will still be published today how you announced?

  11. Silvir says:

    Will ->it<- still be published today how you announced?

  12. talos_2002 says:

    Nice to hear this.

    Off topic: About the winamp replacement, I suggest XMplay (great sound) or Coolplayer.

  13. Christian says:

    The release will be announced here in the news section. Unfortunately SourceForge is down for maintenance at the moment. Let’s hope it will go back online soon or the release will have to wait for tomorrow.

  14. cybertech says:

    I haven’t downloaded the program yet, cause I wanted to read the comments. However, from reading what I have, my impression was that this is like the Iso-recorder. The iso recorder, which is free, intergrates what XP already has in it, and operates from the Shortcut menu, as in RIGHT MOUSE click..
    I don’t know if you know this, but there is program in windows, that I had set up the same way. It’s called windows fax and picture viewer. Although the picture veiwer works, there is no, EXE file to be found. however, after reading peoples statements in a forum, wanting to get it to default on opening up a jpeg. I figured it out in about 2 mins, after reading a couple of posts. That is, by manually incoperatiing it through the registry, one simple step, and then using windows to set it as a default..

    anyway, that is how the iso recorder works, i can right click an image and it says, COPY TO DISK. I can right click a DVD or CD and it says to make an iso image. There is no program to launch like NERO, or Roxio, or power iso, etc. I think it works just as good as the others, however, other programs, do have the option to compress an ISO, which I have seen it work with results from 6gb to a size of 3gb…

    I am curious, does this program incorporate the Operating Systems build in decoder that is used in in playing DVD, to decode the item being produced so you can play it as an ISO in a virtual drive, such as POWER ISO or Magic Disk?

  15. Vito says:

    Wondering if your program will make SVCDs, and/or dvds from avi mpg etc…

  16. Sully says:

    Do you think you will build an express interface into this great application? It would be great for quick burns

    thanks keep up the great work

  17. Brian says:

    Are you aware that ‘’ has 2 CD DVD Burning products
    called ‘Burning Mill Advanced 0.44.1’ and ‘Burning Mill Express 0.44.1’ that
    appears to be a direct copy of ‘Infra Recorder’ [including GUI].The site
    claims the products are ‘open source’.I have been unable to unpack the
    setup files to check contents,and am suspicious of what maybe included.

  18. Gustavo says:

    Seems to have problems with Sony devices. I’m getting “Drive doesn’t support SAO recording / Illegar write mode for this drive”. Any solution? Thanks, its a great sw!