Version 0.45

Version 0.45 is here! Take a look in the changelog to see what’s new.

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  1. Lipak says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much.

  2. William Savoca says:

    I thought I doiwnloaded your stuff to my computer. Have no icons…can’t find it. Can you tell if I downloaded it?

  3. Athan says:

    Thanks for the new version!
    Just a question if you don’t mind; The 64-bit built listed at SourceForge is only for AMD64 or can be used with Intel too (Vista64)?

  4. pihug12 says:

    Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

  5. kaweka says:

    Even in 0.45 the Ok-Button is still greyed out since 0.43.1 on German XP Home SP2.

  6. shamka says:

    thank you very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Christian says:

    Athan: Yes, AMD64 is for all 64-bit capable x86 processors. You can use it with Intel processors in Vista 64.

  8. trap says:

    Thank you in advance!!!

  9. Thank you very much!

  10. Guti says:

    Thank you very much Christian.
    IR is getting even better.

  11. Amigos says:

    Thank you very much! I wish you luck for future projects! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Mr. Smith says:

    Thank you! It’s awesome!
    kaweka: I think, you need something like Nero Burnrights

  13. Mr. Smith says:

    It’s seems that there is a bug in the x64-Installer:
    No shortcut was created to the startmenu.
    I tested on Vista Business x64

  14. ParaDoX says:

    Thank you Christian for this new version of IR!

    But I miss the InfraExpress (irExpress.exe) with German language, since I’ve installed 0.45 it’s just English. Is there anything to change the interface back to German?


  15. Christian says:

    ParaDoX: This is a bug that will be corrected in the next release.

  16. paulvern says:

    Thanks for the update. I don’t understand the long delay before burning. The program now writes something (I don’t know where) and after a minute or so begins the burning process. What changed?
    Anyhow thank you for this great product.

  17. pepemosca says:

    Hey, the “verify files after burning” is not working.
    The bad thing is that I don’t need to burn anything else for testing.

    Am I the only one with this problem?

    Thanks for the release!

  18. exglade says:

    Thank you very much for the new update. It make me waited a very long time. It seem a lot of bugs is fixed. I glad you got them fixed up. You can call me exglade ๐Ÿ˜› I am a new IR user also a new to CD Burning. I can say your IR is user friendly and pretty newbie friendly ๐Ÿ˜€ Just wanna say thank you.

    Cheer, hope you can get what ya wanted.

  19. michel says:

    what a good update!

  20. G says:

    Thanks for the update !
    But it doesn’t recognize my bruner … ๐Ÿ™

  21. Robert says:

    Great work! It’s my new favourite burning software.

  22. KONIK says:

    Thnx for new build.
    Great burn SW for x64 Vista

  23. Stahlreich says:

    Thanks for new version!
    But in this version in window Burn compilation->Write speed I can choose only 1, 2, 4, 6 and Maximum speed. In previous version I see all supported speed from 1 to 16 (DVD+R Verbatim 16x).

  24. goonies says:

    Thank you very much!

  25. Jan Alexander says:

    Why are you moderating me? I have reported a bug like Stahlreich, what is this all about?

  26. Christian says:

    Jan: It’s accidental, I receive so much spam that it’s possible that I accidentally have deleted your post. Please repost it again. I do my best not to delete any non-spam posts from the comments.

  27. Tomas M. says:

    Christian, install this plugin for WP and you’ll be OK with spam comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. kaweka says:

    @Mr. Smith & Christian: Nero Burn Rights doesn’t change this strange behaviour, the OK button remains greyed out since 0.43.1.
    Windows XP SP2 German, Teac DV-W28EA.
    And IR Express GUI remains english inspite of german.

  29. Jan Alexander says:

    Ah, ok, I just posted about this: with InfraRecorder v0.45 my Pioneer 111D is locked at 1x (with 16x Verbatims), and my Nec 3540A is locked at 6x. Rolling back to 0.44 fixed it, unlocking both DVD burners to their maximum speed, showning all speeds between 1x – 16x.

  30. mky says:

    I just wonder why i can’t burn audio cd compilation to disc image..

  31. Mikee says:

    This is excellent software. One problem, however, is that the burning smoke effect does not appear for me.

    I have Aero enabled, and a decent system, so that’s not the issue. I remember having it working in the past. The only thing that changed was that I reformatted my system.

  32. y0rm4m4 says:

    great! gonna check it out right away

  33. rhY says:

    How do I make audio cds from mp3? I’ve tried everything!

  34. mnpg says:

    Do you planned a MSI package for X86?

  35. StAnger says:

    Tanks man for the new version.

    Always the best.

    For me, it’s the chosen one.

    Continue doing the best.

    One more time, tanks.

  36. Stefan1200 says:

    @ rhY: You have to download and install the lame decoder for InfraRecorder from here:

  37. y0rm4m4 says:

    udf works fine, no problems so far!

  38. I just love InfraRecorder!

    For ParaDoX: I’ve just found a temporary fix for the language problem:

    Copy the “desired_language.irl” file from the the “Languages”-folder to the main folder with the EXEs. It seems that only “irExpress.exe” isn’t reading the language file correctly from the subfolder.

  39. rhY says:

    An error occured while trying to load the installed codecs. Please make sure that the installed codecs are compatible with this version of InfraRecorder.

    Also: occurred has two r’s. Thanks in advance for advice on how to fix this.


    OK, I switched from the x64 to the unicode one which fixed that error, but when I try to burn I still get “Failed to Initialize Wave Encoder”. I’m on x64 windows, using ir045_portable.

  40. A3 says:

    Problem with:
    Actions -> Manage Tracks…
    No tracks are visible when an CD/DVD is in the drive. The field stays empty

  41. KONIK says:

    On Vista X64 , in taskabar not refresh % of burning or verifying.

  42. O says:

    Thank you.
    I hope this project woun’t die.

  43. Alistair George says:

    Ver .45 in verify does not give the DVD settling time once the draw has been opened and closed on some players hence it always verifys ‘missing file’

  44. Jonny says:

    The smoke effect doesn’t work with this version (Vista 32 Bit)

    Also one question: Are there plans to implement LightScribe someday?

  45. Nikos says:

    Thanks for the new version! Very nice work.

  46. ParaDoX says:

    Thank you Thomas for this workaround! Now I can better wait, until it gets finally fixed in the next release ๐Ÿ™‚


  47. Vladimir says:

    Portable version have “enable program log” by default.
    So IR_portable anyway create

    at first launch. May be add Settings.xml in distrib?
    Something like this:


    Thank you for great software!

  48. Nikos says:

    I noticed a bug: The progress bar is flashing the last 2 or 3 blocks and the progress percentage skips back and forth a few %. Also, the progress percentage on the status bar is not updated correctly but “hangs” on the same number for quite a while.

    This is on Windows XP Pro SP3 English.

    It’s not a serious bug though; just a cosmetic error.

  49. Hugo h says:

    Thank you so much for all this wonderful work !

    Greetings from France

  50. sr says:

    How do I create noemulation boot CDs? I’m trying to
    use this thing to slipstream sp3 to my windows xp cd.

    I tried setting the Boot option under project properties to
    Emulation Type: none
    Boot Load Segment: 0x7c0
    Boot Load Size: 4

    (more or less following instructions here:

    It’s able to create a CD that boots, but complains about
    NTLDR not found then reboots itself.

  51. Rahim says:

    Hi, does the LAME plugin version 0.42 work with this release? I tried to use it (under Wine) and it still says MP3 is an unsupported file format. I don’t know if this is a Wine problem or a plugin problem.


  52. ten0s says:

    First of all thank for your work !!! I have one proposal. I have installed an DVD and always use the Data DVD configuration to burn data. But it seems the application doesn’t store the last configutation. So every time I start the application I must choose my previous configuration. That is not too friendly.

  53. ParaDoX says:

    Hi Christian!

    I’ve read this alert about libvorbis on (German):

    Couldn’t it also effect IR? I think it uses the libvorbis and so it might be good to integrate the fix for the next release of IR.


  54. es says:

    I have to confirm previously mentioned bugs. After update to 0.45 my recorder ALWAYS starts with making an image of selected files, even if “on the fly” option is selected, so I have to wait much longer and make sure that I have 4gb of free space on hdd. Then, it starts burning files @ 1x speed… In previous version everything was fine.

  55. @Kaweka: You have to have a blank CD in the drive for the OK button to be available.

    @Mr. Smith: Check out FrogRights instead of Nero BurnRights.

  56. AaronB says:

    CD-Text writing doesn’t work. I tried three times with different settings and got a good audio CD each time, but no CD-Text even though I had filled in everything under project properties (artist, track titles, etc.) Tried the same thing using Burrrn and it worked fine, so it’s not my recorder.

  57. Dave says:

    Great tool, except I still get the greyed-out OK button with DVD’s. Might my media be unrecognized? Tried RiData, Memorex and TDK media, and still
    the OK is greyed-out. Hope you get the bugs worked out. I’m running Win2K SP4, InfraRecorder v 0.45.

  58. Matthias says:

    i try to burn a DVD with the x64 Version of Version 0.45. After starting the programm allocates all of the available memory.
    I think this is a bug because using the 32 bit Version on Vista 64 all seems ok.

  59. Jacek says:

    Hi, I’ve just tried to burn a DVD with a compilation containing a 4,2 GB file. All other files from the compilation were written, but the big one. Are there problems with big fles in the 0.45 version.

  60. Jacek says:

    Oh sorry for bothering, it was the Level 3 option in the project settings. Thank you for the great peace of software.

  61. junzc says:

    I rely like this tools verymuch but when i try to burn direct dvd to dvd anf its not working. Hope this will fix soon

  62. Thank you so much for such great application. You have no idea badly I was looking for something like this. I always knew that burning software didn’t have to be 55MB in order to do it’s job well. I’m so greatful that someone finally took their time to do something like this. I love you!!!

  63. Dan C says:

    Thanks. Great app – been using it for the last couple of versions – but this version has a couple of issues for me.

    Can’t burn large file of 4.3gigs even when using UDF format (ufc.84.ill.will.ppv.720p.hdtv.x264-omicron.mkv ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). The burn process window pops up and the progress bar starts off at a good speed, but no info appears in the middle pane and ultimately no data is burned to the disc – have to open Task Manager and kill the process as InfraRecorder stops responding if you click to cancel.

    And I have the same issue as Jan Alexander (even a very similar drive – Pioneer 108DVR) and a few others in that speeds are locked as 1x or Maximum. The device check says the drive maxes out at 4x write for DVDs (which is wrong also), but even this isn’t shown (guess it’s Maximum).

  64. Matthias says:

    Burning Audio-CDs is a bit tricky if you have to search for the files on the HDD. As every audio player i know can save playlists in the m3u format it would be a great feature for infrarecorder to handle them.

  65. pepemosca says:

    Hey, i still have problems with the “Verify the disk after writing”.
    I have a notebook.

    I reload manually the tray, and when the “Verify” starts : I usually gets some errors.

    Those errors are strange: because doesn’t say the name of the file that suppose to be mistaken. Actually, just the “error icon” appears and then the brief says that there was some errors.

    BTW, I’m just recording some JPEG files, where I usually don’t get errors.
    I don’t have that error with the .44.1.

    Any ideas why do I have that msg?

  66. Jeff says:

    Thanks very much! Great software!

  67. Josh says:

    hey just a simple question
    how do i rip audio to mp3 using this package? i cant seem to find the interface to allow me to do it
    (yes i have installed the lame thing)
    im using the portable version

    Keep up the great work

  68. gj says:

    Hi, really great concept – smal sized and easy to use, nothing excessive. But sadly I wasn’t able to record more than 4.2 or so GB of files total to a standard DVD+R which should accept 4.7 GB. It simply says – there is not enough space. When I checked owerburn, then I obviously recorded 4.62 GB of files total, but I suspect this is not normal. Any Ideas what is wrong?

  69. gj says:

    yes, some files of overburned disc are unreadable – so the question is – why it is not possible to record 4.6 GB of files to 4.7 GB DVD file disc with InfraRecorder. Is this some limitation or bug? 4.2 GB looks like OK (blue bar at the layout bottom), but 4.6 GB not OK (red bar). Project contains just 1000 files – not that much to steal 500MB of space for TOC info.

  70. pepemosca says:

    To GJ:
    Check this out:

    It depends on how you calculate gigabytes. Disk manufacturers consider 1,000,000,000 bytes a gigabyte. However, in the real world of computers, a gigabyte is 1,073,741,824.

    1,000,000,000 * 4.7 / 1,073,741,824 = 4.377, which is the real capacity in gigabytes of those DVD’s.

  71. gj says:

    OK, thank you! I couldn’t imagine that what is written on DVDs is misleading information, which differs form real calculation :/

  72. ITSpec says:

    Why removed listbox “Character set” from Project Properties/ISO?

  73. makhet says:

    How to create DVD-video?
    New project-DVD-video, but there isn’t folder AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. Must I create this folders?

  74. GlFox says:

    Trying to create bootable CD and write it to ISO file. So, when it’s done, we have file (ISO) that can’t be read by any software (Daemon Tools, ISOBuster, …). Version IR – 0.45. In previous version this error wasn’t found.

  75. Nick says:

    I think I found a bug in the latest version.

    1. I added a few files in the root of the project;
    2. I created a folder inside the root of the project and moved the afore mentioned files;
    3. I added more files in the folder created at step #2;
    4. I created another folder in the project and copied files in it;
    5. After burning the CD, the files that I moved inside the folder created on step #2 were not placed inside it but in their original place, directly outside, in the root of the CD. The files I added at step #3 were inside the folder created at step #2.

    My conclusion is InfraRecorder does not update the file paths when they get relocated inside a project. This should be fixed.

  76. Metrox says:

    Thanks for Infrarecorder 0.45 its realy good and i kicked nero from my HDD but some features i miss:

    – Drag/Drop FLAC Files to burn them as Audio CD
    – Option in InfraExpress : Create MP3 CD.

    Thanks you for this nice burningtool.

  77. Bob says:

    I try to burn a dvd iso and the verify (after burn) option is disabled, why is that?

  78. Terry says:

    Has the project been abandoned? 0.45 doesn’t work properly for me in Vista (greyed-out dialogue boxes after erasing a disc, etc.) I went back to 0.441 and it works OK, but there hasn’t been any news on updates in a long time.

    Infra-Recorder is still the best all-around alternative to Nero – and believe me I’ve tried them all. I hope it doesn’t fade into history like a lot of great freeware projects.

  79. george washington approves this software! its great!

    just two problems, the smoke effect doesnt work, and it takes FOREVER for a new update! GAARG!!!!!!

    come on! at least have different news in the rss feed, the feed hasnt been updated since i was president! can i at least be informed on the progress?! it takes almost a year to hear anything new from you! wazzamater?!

  80. ps, your spam protection, where you have to enter a sum, is pretty stupid. as in, it asks me what 4+2 is and when i say 6, it says “YOUR WRONG!” its extremely annoying, it locked me out a bunch of times, i had to refresh like five times before it realized that i was right

    also, im george washington lol

  81. JDany3D says:

    Hi guys,

    I think i found a BUG.
    I prepared a project where there are some folders and files for a total size reported by windows of 1,97 GB (2.125.510.541 bytes) and total size reported in project property of 1,98 GB (2.125.510.541).

    If i try to create an iso image having ISO9660 file system with option “Allow more than 8 directories of path depth” active, the image file is created as expected.
    If i switch to UDF file format (UDF only option), all data up to level 8 of directory depth is written BUT all files and dirs from level 9 and above will not written onto the ISO file!!!!
    Final ISO file size is 82 KB!!!

    This happens without any error or warning message!
    (i toasted a DVD before notice that…)

    There isn’t any option to configure that (i imagine udf doesn’t need it).

    The ISO file results UNREADABLE (corrupted) by WinRar and, if i mount it using DaemonTool, I can see the structure (files and folders) but i’m unable to open files, obviously…. ๐Ÿ™

    I’m very sorry Christian, i usually burn UDF images (from Nero with a lot of other troubles) and i hoped InfraRecorder would let me put Nero in the trash.

    I hope you will continue to support and develop this promising software, fixing this bug too, ASAP!

    Moreover, I really would appreciate a little feature (very useful for me): having folder size in the same column where file size appears (like Nero does).

    In that way i will work at the light speed, like i’m doing using nero.

    That feature will be useful to:
    – after a drag&drop, find all empty folders and subfolders in a moment (insted of enter inside of them, one by one) and delete them.
    – Find wich folders fill much more the DVD and adjust the structure in a fast way.

    Nice regards.

    PS: sorry for my poor english… ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS2: your spam protection sucks! I tried many times to submit my post, and i’m sure i’m able to make sums… :))

  82. KikitheKing says:

    Delete a CD-RW using “erase/format disk” -> “minimally blank the disk” speed=maximum
    eject the disk after erasing ticked.
    When it’s finish, it’s impossible to close the window because OK and CANCEL button are unavailable, click on the red cross doesn’t work also.
    The only way is to kill the process with task manager.

  83. Kevin M says:

    Would be awesome if you would upload MD5/SHA1 checksums as well

  84. angel6700 says:

    I also have the behavior that KikitheKing is posting as a bug when erasing a CD-RW.

    By the way, thanks and congratulations for this great software.

  85. Jabulani says:

    @Mr. Smith, you can just use Nero Burn rights for this anyway. It gives burning permission to any user, doesn’t matter what burning app you use.

    I had problems trying to burn multi-session discs with InraRecorder (burning more data to disc at later stage) I just can’t get it to work, have botched lot of discs trying. Don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s better in newest version…

    I think we really need a straightforward how-to or something on writing more info at a later stage. If this is not a big priority for Infra Recorder, I think it should be!

  86. hugo says:

    InfraRecorder/MagicDisc Incompatibility: InfraRecorder can’t detect disk in drive.

    The MagicDisc driver apparently does not get along w/InfraRecorder, preventing InfraRecorder from detecting a disk in the CD drive. There is a workaround:

    1. Install InfraRecorder before installing MagicDisc (if you installed MagicDisc first, uninstall MagicDisc & reboot).

    2. Start InfraRecorder, and Select “Options… -> Devices”, and uncheck “Silently validate the configuration at each startup”. If the MagicDisc device is listed, hit “Rescan”. It should disappear from the list.

    3. Reinstall MagicDisc. Don’t rescan the devices in InfraRecorder (if you add a new device and need to rescan, you’ll probably have to do this again).

    Platform configuration:

    Dell Latitude D620
    Windows 2008 Standard Edition, x64
    TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TSL63D Revision DE04
    InfraRecorder 0.45 x64
    MagicDisc v2.7 (build 105)

    Hope this helps.

  87. guy says:

    I’m a programming student (c++ and java classes this sem) and love your work. Would you or anyone who knows the details mind letting me know what language and development environment was used to produce this program? Thank you!

  88. angel6700 says:

    You can download the source code and look it by yourself. But it seems to me that It is written in c++ under MS VisualC.

  89. da.m4nn says:

    Awesome speedy prog. All I’d need is a few audio cd burning additions and I’d probably never touch Nero again. Every burning program fails to include or even attempt Nero’s “Crossfade with previous track by [ x ] seconds”. I use that feature with every burn. I hate the pausing for track changes. I’d also like a track editor. I use them on tracks with long intro’s that I do not want to hear or with DJ’s yelling at the beginning.

    This is probably a huge request for just these two features lol and I don’t know if you’re taking in any input on feature requests, but keep up the great work.

  90. Tim H. says:

    Great program! No problems so far and burned around 60 CDs and 20 DVDs.
    All Data CD/DVD (Backups of system, photos and so on)

    When will the next update be available?


  91. bobby says:

    Hi all,
    Just tried to install and run 0.4.5.. on XP ..I would run infrarecorder, and it would freeze at startup, on “Scanning SCSI/IDE bus”.. Looking at task manager, I discovered there was something called “cdrecord.exe” running, as soon as I killed it, infrarecorder could proceed – had to manually go to Options / Devices to rescan for devices, but once that was done, all was fine… Thanks!!!

  92. bobby says:

    As a reply to my previous comment – unfortunately, that worked only for a while – I managed to burn one dual layer DVD, and after that, I couldn’t do it any more; cdrecord.exe seems to be started by Infra Recorder – and after the first dual burn, even if I killed cdrecord.exe, subsequent rescan of devices would still cause a freeze… ๐Ÿ™

  93. jeriko says:

    same problem here!

  94. Jacob says:

    I can’t wait for smoke effect to be fix. I seen it work only one time in 32 Bit Home Premium Vista. I can’t get it to work on XP, Vista 32 or 64. ๐Ÿ™ I hope a new version is coming soon. I love this tool and I have recommended to many of my friends.

  95. Athan says:

    Any new release in the horizon?

  96. knutselaar says:

    Dear sirs,

    Is it possible to burn a video dvd with just mp3-files written on it?If so,how to?

  97. ErKaN7791 says:

    I’d love to see flac support in next release. Great piece of software by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. Jan says:

    Same as KikitheKing

    Delete a CD-RW using โ€œerase/format diskโ€ -> โ€œminimally blank the diskโ€ speed=maximum
    eject the disk after erasing ticked.
    When itโ€™s finish, itโ€™s impossible to close the window because OK and CANCEL button are unavailable, click on the red cross doesnโ€™t work also.
    The only way is to kill the process with task manager.


  99. Jarro says:

    Greetings, I’m using your great software since the very begining. Many thanks for this great tool. I hope we will see an update soon. Bye.

  100. dustcart says:

    Yeah, great program..

    However I have the same problem as Jan (October 14th, 2008 at 10:41 am) ๐Ÿ™

  101. Brian says:

    Christian,are you aware that ‘’ have a CD DVD Burning
    product called ‘Burning Mill Advanced’ which is identical to your
    ‘Infra Recorder’.The site claims the product is ‘free’ and ‘open source’ but
    their website contains very little information re company or product.I was
    unable to unpack the setup file to inspect it’s contents and so,can only
    assume it includes ‘adware’ or some other form of unwanted ‘extra’s’.If you
    have licensed the company to use the source code I apologize for casting
    doubts about it.

  102. kolsyra says:

    To all those ppl that can’t get the smoke effect working, you need to install DirectX.

    Install that and have a smoke! ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Ben says:


    Since InfraRecorder is open source, these Burning Mill chaps have every right to offer it for download. They link to InfraRecorder’s source on, so in a way I guess they’re providing the source.

    Technically, they might be infringing on Christian’s copyright since they’re using his icon(s) still, but that would depend on how that art is licensed.

    Unfortunately, Burning Mill is just a get-rich-quick site that lets you download open source software and reaps the benefit of the AdSense revenue. I don’t think they’re necessarily doing anything illegal, though.

  104. Remialdo says:

    Burning Mill is not only similar to InfraRecorder, the image is from InfraRecorder and the Source Code link goes to

  105. Jacek_FH says:

    When I try to load a session from DVD, I get error:
    InfraRecorder has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    AppName: infrarecorder.exe AppVer: ModName: infrarecorder.exe ModVer: Offset: 0005ec32

  106. Thank you for taking the time to supply this software. It is one of the best CD buring software.

  107. Peter says:


    I’ve used Infrarecorder for burning iso’s onto CD’s with great success but when I tried to rip an image and mount it using Virtual Clonedrive, Clonedrive mounts it but when I try to access the drive Windows reports that the disk can’t be read because it may be corrupted or is an unrecognizable format. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something? I tested Clonedrive on other ISO’s I have downloaded and they are OK. Hope you can help.

  108. Dr P Singh says:



    I downloaded the latest version of the InfraRecorder and succefully installed in my system. I tried to copy a cd and/or write files to a cd/dvd but all in vain.

    The programs goes through all steps and comes to stage verifying and stays there. Cd/DVD can not be accessed.

    Could some one please help.

    Thanking you all.

    Dr P Singh

  109. Karel says:

    SOLUTION for freezing on โ€œScanning SCSI/IDE busโ€…

    This problem is caused by using incompatible versions of the cygwin DLL.
    Search for cygwin1.dll

    The version packed with infrarecorder is at fault (1.5.25-cr-0x5f1)

    In our tests we replaced it with version (1.5.24-cr-0x5f1)

    the DLL is located at

    C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools

    This permanently fixes the issue.


  110. Greg says:

    The changelog url stated in this news ( is not valid. I get a 404error.

    I love changelogs, so please bring it back ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PS: I wrote you an email as well in case you miss this comment.

  111. Richard in MI USA says:


    I downloaded Infra Recorder .052 from yesterday. I could NOT get the program to work, I then tried to un-install it using the Uninstall program on my Windows XP Home (running XP Home Edition with service pack 3).

    The uninstall program ran but I still it did not remove the shortcut on the desktop and or the program shortcut in the START/ALL PROGRAMS menu.

    How do I clean my registry of the files that are still somewhere in the XP achieves?

    I am not that computer savey so please explain it in very detailed manner so I can EASILY follow along to clear these files out of my XP system.


  112. dvdfab says:

    Hello, I downloaded the source code ,but I can not cmpile it, dependies folder projects can not be loaded.

  113. Dennis Primm says:

    In regards to the smoke effect while in the burning process, I have Vista Home Premium with Aero and DirectX installed and I still don’t get smoke. I have used IR for many years now and would love to get the smoke working again. Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

    Thank you!

  114. Dennis Primm says:

    I forgot to mention that my Vista Home Premium is 32-bit. I hope this information helps to get the smoke effect back!!!