Small Update

I have released a minor update fixing the problem with InfraRecorder freezing before burning a disc or creating a disc image. If you do not have these problems there is no reason to update.

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  1. medak says:

    Win XP Lite-on LH-18A1P
    Dvd+Rw Could not write it sees as full of.

    1.(The inserted disc does not appear to be empty, do you want to erase it first?) error

  2. oleg says:

    Windows XP Pro SP2. DVD+RW recorder TEAC DV-W516GD

    I couldn’t write any file on DVD using IR 0.46 or IR 0.46.1 at all:
    Burning compilation -> Started to write disc in real write mode -> Total progress 0% -> Status: Operation completed -> DVD drive is opened.
    And also “On the fly” option doesn’t work.

  3. Jaroslav Smid says:

    Why can’t InfraRecorder burn files > 4GB?

  4. Christian says:

    Jaroslav, you need to select ISO level 3 or the UDF file system in the project options.

  5. tullicollapse85 says:

    Really liked the changes in the new version and i really appreciate the work that is put in this project, hope to help reporting what happened to me with the latest version; After burning a simple Data DVD+R (verbatim), written at 4x speed with the “verify disc after writing”‘s box checked, the disc was ejected and to verify i was asked to reload it as usual (i have a laptot so that’s normal), but when i reloaded it the program hanged up, and after a while the whole system crashed (the mouse stopped and ctrl+alt+del didnt work) and i just had to reset it. Hope that was just a single case but maybe someone got the some issue.

    Thanks in advance for replies and the up the good work 🙂

  6. Richard says:

    Used to love infrarecorder but I just cannot get the latest versions to work on either of 2 different PCs.

    On both PCs the ‘OK’ button is greyed out when trying to confirm writing of a DVD.

    Reading other comments on here I downgraded back to 0.43.1 which works fine.

    It seems you have broken something in the newer versions – I hope it can be fixed in the future as this used to be a great, trouble-free bit of software.

  7. Terry says:

    I’m having the same problem as Medak. It doesn’t seem to recognize when a DVD+RW is formatted, and when I try to burn a data +RW on-the-fly it errors out. If I uncheck “on-the-fly” it will burn after building the image. If I roll back to Infracorder 0.44.1 on-the-fly works fine.

  8. Sean says:

    InfraRecorder 0.46, Win XP SP3
    Drive: HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-S10N

    When I try to burn a disc image, the “On the fly” and “Verify the disc after writing” are greyed out. How can I select these options? Sorry if this is a very silly question, I’ve looked but haven’t found how to do this.

  9. Otto Oustrup Jensen says:

    Sorry, with this last little update, it now showed a little activity, which it had not done before (told me that two of my files would be excluded) but the OK button was still greyed out and the program immeatly froze. I am using XP Pro wit SP3.

  10. Zai says:

    Didnt work at all. Freezes when trying to burn. Have to go back to Nero…

  11. Andy says:


    I’m unsure if this is your problem or not, but the “OK” button will stay greyed out if you put the blank DVD into the tray after hitting the burning icon and opening that prompt.

    If you hit Cancel, insert the blank DVD, wait for Windows to detect it, and *then* hit the burn icon, the “OK” button is usable.

  12. JBoot says:

    Hello, I miss the IRexpress. New interface is not very good and I think it will cause trouble for translation because it seems to be pictures instead of plain text (Data Disc, Audio Disc …) and the screen position is not remember.


  13. Boombastic says:

    Tried it on Vista x64.
    Both Pioneer burners (DVR-111+DVR-215) burnt ONLY at 4x. PC is using AHCI Mode for the DVR-215(SATA) and IDE Mode for the DVR-111. Tried it to change it manually to 16x, but both burners burnt only at 4x.

  14. yostane says:

    thanks a lot

  15. Maik says:

    “If you hit Cancel, insert the blank DVD, wait for Windows to detect it, and *then* hit the burn icon, the “OK” button is usable.”

    I also found this “workaround”… even clicking on the little refresh-button next to the drive-selection box doesn´t change anything. You have to reopen the burning dialogue to get it working.

    The new interface is pretty nice and the english-buttons are not that bad because a translation is shown in the lower side of the window but the possibility to translate the whole interface would still be better.

    Thanks for the beautiful program and keep up the good work!


  16. Jürgen says:

    version 046.1 make no Data DVD-CD on my System. Vista Ultimate 32

    DVD Rom Hardware – HL-DT-ST DVDRam GSA-T20N ATA Device.

    DVD is Run but no Data on DVD

  17. Jaded says:

    The bug is still there. Burning on external burner to DVD+R DL.

  18. Stefanos M. Sofroniou says:

    Your latest version does not work at all. It shows that is trying to create the image before the burning process and stays there…I’ve had to downgrade to 0.45 to be able to burn CDs and DVDs.

  19. Ross says:

    Thanks for the continual work on InfraRecorder!

    I can’t get over the number of negative comments, perhaps some people have this confused with a support forum.

    It works great for me and remains the only real alternative to nero.

    PS. A ‘beep on completion’ would be a nice little addition.

  20. Guti says:

    What about UDF support for burning files larger that 4 Gb?

  21. Bender says:

    I must confirm that v0.46.1 freezes when creating burning image, while v0.45 doesn’t. Recorder LITE-ON SHW-16H5S.

  22. Martijn says:

    Nice new IR design I like it very much.

    However I have two things.

    The opening screen where can select which type you wanne burn, is starting maximized. Like it should. Perfect.
    However the screen for burning data is starting as a small window. After an click on the maximized button is get even smaller. After an other click, on the same button the window get maximized.
    So in short 3 clicks to gets the window maximized…..

    And another thing is, anfter select the button data (and 3 clicks) I noticed I can’t get back if I made the wrong choice 🙂

    Have to start the program up again 🙁

  23. Jürgen says:

    I have downgrade to Version 0.45 This works very good. Thank you for youre works on infra.

  24. Grishanenko says:

    One more test – more bugs.
    1. OK is grayed out and program freezes if I press Cancel before burning disk (Last chance to cancel)
    2. “On the fly” work, but looks like program scaning all files from the project before burning. Why?
    3. Verifying dont work! 5 seconds and it’s finished.

  25. Michael says:

    Report bugs and problems to the forum. I am almost certain that the developer will simply ignore any comments posted here, so your efforts are futile! FUTILE!

  26. as says:

    I starting to creat image (from files) and it hangs. It even ignore cancel button.

  27. s57ua says:

    Purchased new LG DVD burner – the same thing as seen in previous post.
    Program freezes while creating image file.

  28. Jörg says:

    I had the same problem like Jürgen with the same burner (LGA GSA-T20N). It works if i set the speed to 1x or 2x and the burning speed was with both settings 4x
    Then i killed my drive with an unofficial Firmwareupdate and my new one (Samsung SN-S082H) works fine. It seems to be a problem with this (and some other) burners.

  29. Guti says:

    Oops, finally reading comments here, figured out how to set UDF filesystem.
    BTW 0.46.1 is working nicely here on Vista x64.

  30. Hawk says:

    Infra Recorder is the best. Great user interface and all the functions I need.

    Had some problems burning audio Cd’s from mp3s. Experiment some with LAME but then I found out that Infra Recorder needs Windows Media Player installed to decode MP3s.

    Big Thanks!

  31. Ian Stanley says:

    PC Sony Vaio VGN-FJ1S
    DRive internal Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K16D

    1. create project and click burn disc

    2. dialog box pops up but no progress (HD spins but not dvd)

    3. wait, still no progress

    4. wait, still no progress


  32. HC says:

    To the people chastising those of us with problems with InfraRecorder- have you ever SEEN the support forum? Maybe you should go check it out, it’ll only take you a 30 seconds to scan through the helpful responses.

    That said, the developer needs to know -and definitely should care – what kinds of problems users are experiencing, as the reputation of the software is on the line. If the program works for you, good, leave some feedback and be on your way. Gloating is poor form, and about as useful as a piece of dogshit on a log. So be a champ about it and knock of the smugness, eh?

    I’m finding it funny that this program has received so much acclaim when it can’t even burn an .iso to CD…

  33. Christian says:

    Please understand that I can’t check all possible places for bug reports. I receive lots of e-mails, then there is the forums and the tracker. Please use one those mediums instead of posting detailed bug reports here. I occasionally check the comments (often when a new version is released) to see some first impressions. This section is not my primary source when searching for bugs to smash.

    “I’m finding it funny that this program has received so much acclaim when it can’t even burn an .iso to CD…”

    I am sorry it doesn’t work for you. Luckily InfraRecorder burns ISO images just fine for most users. I am working on improving the device support and to fix bugs related to the burning back-end for the next release.

  34. a/s/l says:

    great program, but i’ll be using burrrn until you provide FLAC support. can’t be too difficult right? it’s free after all!

  35. @a/s/l.. You can get it work by installing a codec in the system

  36. Jack says:

    I have previously use “copy disk” to copy audio cd’s but now the “ok” dialog box is partially (the label is grayed out but the frame is highlighted) greyed out. Did MS come up with something in Win7 64bit that prevents reading the disk? Also, the “write speed” and “write method” are grayed out.