Translation Updates

UPDATE: You can ignore this post since I have now reverted back to the old translation system.

This post is to all InfraRecorder translators. I usually don’t post about this on the website, but the next release will need some extra work on the translations.

I have made some changes to the InfraRecorder translation system in order to improve security and compatibility with older translations. Translations that are not updated to work with upcoming version 0.46.2 will look very bad so I ask all translators to bring their translations up to date.

Information on how to update 0.46(.1) translations can be found at If the translation is older than version 0.46 you can step through the changes version for version by clicking the links in the roadmap section.

Thank you!

19 Responses to “Translation Updates”

  1. khagaroth says:

    Not using string placeholders can bring some issues, as many languages have different word-order. Can be avoided by chopping up the sentence after each variable so that it can be reordered, but this will make the translation file pretty chaotic. And to add to that, depending on the context, for example “of”, “at” etc. can have different translations or can/have to be completely omitted (worst case, no way to do that now).

  2. Christian says:

    Yes, this is not good. I don’t have time to implement fast and secure placeholders before the holidays. Preventing exposure of the internals was my number one priority and I chopped the strings as a fast solution. I will revise this.

  3. khagaroth says:

    Perhaps a simple translator program, or just a function of the main program, that would check consistency of the translation file and report any problems (with line number or better section+key name and a simple description of the problem) would be a solution.

  4. Jürgen says:

    Christian, Thank you. I have with Version 0.46 a lot of Problems with Burning Data DVD. But the New Version 0.46.2 I have not Problems. Very good works. Thanks.

    My Sytem XP Pro SP3 and all patches


    Firmware WP 03

    Firmwareside for User with Problems

  5. Jürgen says:

    I have a new Problem found. I make a Data CD or DVD but the Version 0.46.2 make Error. It Burn Complete, but the Data on CD DVD not Complete, this is half. Half is Okay and half is defekt. All Data I can see on the Medium, but i cant half not Open.

  6. Jürgen says:

    Sorry for my English, it is not good.

  7. Carlos says:

    What do you think about change the actual system to gettext (.po files)?

  8. Christian says:

    Carlos: I think it’s a good idea, it’s on my to-do list.

  9. Jürgen says:

    Christian, look please here.

    MODERATION: Don’t want to link to this website, remove dashes for correct URL.

  10. Magoon says:


    first of all thank you very much Christian for making this great app and for giving it away for free!

    Unfortunately I came across a site called that has an Infra Recorder Clone (even links to your sources and the Screenshot on his site have “Infra Recorder” in title bar even though his application is called Burning Mill).

    I don’t know if this violates any license agreements (he links to YOUR sources, not his) because I don’t have the knowledge to check if there are any changes made in his source code.

    I’m sorry that I’m posting this in the ‘Translation Updates’ news but I guess here my post gets found faster.

    Nonetheless thank you very much for releasing Infra Recorder under GPL.

    MODERATION: Don’t want to link to this website, remove dashes for correct URL.

  11. Christian says:

    They’re violating GPL because they refuse to release the source code. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it.

  12. guestuser says:

    Is there any plans to incorporate a “ripping” function.. to copy cds

    this is a must have feature.. i hope there’s plans for it in the future.. oh and also linux versions..

  13. Luka says:

    Hi! Great piece of software you have! I am using it for quite some time on my Windows box. The last few versions are working like a charm. However, the roadmap on your page is a bit outdated. Can you change it acordingly to your plans/time or give us a hint when can we expect the new version, why it is late, are there any problems,… Just to see the pace and the way the development is taking! Thank you!

  14. thequestionman says:

    Guestuser hit the nail on the head, infrarecorder desperately needs a Rip function.. for copying cds. Is there any plans for this?

  15. Scidd0w says:

    Thank you very much for this great burning application. After years of using Nero (lite) it started using this and it’s great!
    I would also like to know what you are up to and see an updated roadmap. 😉

  16. Sylvano says:

    Just to say a big THANK YOU for this fantastic programm. Small and effective, it work’s like a charm. I finally dumped Nero and here i got another solution to use open software. I’m bored a pirating, it’s time consuming, and against my value to pay, pay pay for everything, I mean as a human race, can’t we develop our own tools for the benefit of all. You are a living proof. An top quality application. Cheers

  17. Guti says:

    Love InfraRecorder, in its x64 flavour!
    Any news about next release? Can’t wait for 0.5 according to the roadmap.

  18. Remmie says:

    Hi there.
    Congratulations to this fantastic program.

    One question: the last update was in December 2008.
    When did you plan the next update? Are there any planings.

    Thanks a lot.