New Version

Version 0.50 is now released. The changes can be viewed here, but the list may be incomplete. Due to the long development time since the previous release some forgotten changes might haven been included without mention.

I would like to shout out a big thanks to Mr. R. Diez who have made significant contributions to this version. Apart from bug fixes and feature improvements he has added support for compiling InfraRecorder using the express version of Visual Studio.

128 Responses to “New Version”

  1. mad says:

    Thank you!

  2. sanb says:

    thanks from Russia

  3. Scidd0w says:

    Thank you very much!

  4. mad says:

    I would love IR to remember the columns chosen and their width. Is it planned for future releases? Thanks.

  5. polzovatel says:

    Good program!!!
    (from Russia)

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you very much from Russia!
    ?????? ????????:)

  7. khagaroth says:

    Why aren’t there any language updates included? There were several language updates available before the release, some of them for a few days already (Czech for example).

  8. Christian says:

    khagaroth: I received very few language updates before the release. I guess it’s possible that I have made a mistake, forgetting to include the most recent version of some translation.

  9. Sturm says:

    No Lightscribe suport?

  10. Christian says:

    Sturm: No, unfortunately not yet.

  11. tomasfuk says:

    Excellent program – lightweight, portable and functional. Like nothing else!

  12. khagaroth says:

    Re language updates:

    You should look in forums and I also sent you an email with the same update I posted in forums (posted 13th on forums and sent the email 14th). On the forums, there are also other language updates apart from mine.

  13. Christian says:

    khagaroth: Thanks for reminding me, I have now checked the forums. I didn’t receive your e-mail though.

  14. Mr. X says:

    I love it

  15. Roberto Sorensen says:

    I love this software !!
    Thank you very much from Uruguay !!

  16. Peter North says:

    When I burn a video from my video camera, then play it back on my computer or DVD player, a menu will always show. Is there a way to have no menu show and the DVD play with no intervention?

  17. Eddie Mann says:

    You would need to edit the original with another program to remove the menu, InfraRecorder only burns what you put into it.

  18. Jota.Ce says:

    I’d also like if IR remembers size/position of main window.

    And one thing more… updating LAME codec to the latest version (3.98.2) would be nice.

    Thanks for this great program !

  19. asd says:


  20. gobo says:

    “Couldn’t erase disc using the selected method.” Still getting this while trying to erase a dvd+rw. Nero, imgburn, cdburnerxp all erase except infrarecorder

  21. sehnbadt says:

    Will the smoke effect work in Windows 7? previous version did not work. Thanks for this great software.

  22. Luke says:

    Hi This is one great program.

    Any chance of including blueray support?

  23. Lokista says:

    Very good sw!
    Thanks from Hungary!

  24. David says:

    You really have an amazing application here, which is just superb, with guys like yourself and the people working on video lan, 7-zip and utorrent so much of the open source applications are better than the paid for apps.

    Perhaps you could have a small advert in the app so you can get some income?

    Im sure people wont mind that for this awesome app !!

    Keep up the hard work !!

  25. napx says:

    forget advertising in gpl software..
    i’m setting aside $5/month for donations to these excellent open source projects. not just software either a while ago I donated to wikipedia too. i’m willing to pay for quality gpl software which works for you, not against you no problem.

  26. Dougd says:

    Hello from the United States. I’ve been using this software forever, and I really love it. Please keep up the great work.

    GPL is where it’s at. We love you guys!! People taking care of people.

    EUROPE rocks!

    I’m coming to Romania is 7 days!!! Can’t wait.

    Thanks and peace.

  27. ramengo says:

    Thanks from Italy !

  28. Guest says:

    I have some issues.

    1. The disc name. I can name the disc no matter how long and it’ll let me but on the disc itself the name is cut off.

    2. The programs seems to make an iso first before burning. This is a problem for me since I have a small C: drive. This causes an out of space error and the disc becomes useless.

    3. I wish the defaults were more like ImgBurn’s. Your settings is a bit overwhelming. Perhaps, it should be ISO 9660 + UDF to prevent problems such as number 1.

  29. mad says:

    to Guest above:
    for nr. 2 – I think you just need to check “burn on-the-fly” in the burning dialogue.

  30. Hello,

    I really like your software, but I’m unable to use even this new version with my Pioneer DVR-112.
    It seems that IR can’t detect supported speeds properly.

    Maybe I do something wrong? Or you know any solution for this drive?

    All the best,

  31. Amphibian says:

    Just installed it, running Win2k. Sp4. Generates errors and crashes as soon as I add an mp3 to “the project” to burn an audio cd.

    Dialog box says” Infrarecorder.e.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.”

    Error log:

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:35:59.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:36:51.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:37:13.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:38:58.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.
    > Using libscg version ‘schily-0.9’.
    > scsibus0:
    > 0,0,0 0) *
    > 0,1,0 1) *
    > 0,2,0 2) *
    > 0,3,0 3) *
    > 0,4,0 4) *
    > 0,5,0 5) *
    > 0,6,0 6) *
    > 0,7,0 7) HOST ADAPTOR
    > scsibus1:
    > 1,0,0 100) ‘LITE-ON ‘ ‘CD-ROM LTN-529S ‘ ‘7S56’ Removable CD-ROM
    > 1,1,0 101) ‘IDE-CD ‘ ‘R/RW 4x4x24 ‘ ‘C12a’ Removable CD-ROM
    > 1,2,0 102) *
    > 1,3,0 103) *
    > 1,4,0 104) *
    > 1,5,0 105) *
    > 1,6,0 106) *
    > 1,7,0 107) HOST ADAPTOR

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:41:39.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:44:46.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:49:19.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:51:39.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:52:03.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.
    > Using libscg version ‘schily-0.9’.
    > scsibus0:
    > 0,0,0 0) *
    > 0,1,0 1) *
    > 0,2,0 2) *
    > 0,3,0 3) *
    > 0,4,0 4) *
    > 0,5,0 5) *
    > 0,6,0 6) *
    > 0,7,0 7) HOST ADAPTOR
    > scsibus1:
    > 1,0,0 100) ‘LITE-ON ‘ ‘CD-ROM LTN-529S ‘ ‘7S56’ Removable CD-ROM
    > 1,1,0 101) ‘IDE-CD ‘ ‘R/RW 4x4x24 ‘ ‘C12a’ Removable CD-ROM
    > 1,2,0 102) *
    > 1,3,0 103) *
    > 1,4,0 104) *
    > 1,5,0 105) *
    > 1,6,0 106) *
    > 1,7,0 107) HOST ADAPTOR

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 20:54:47.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Tuesday, August 25 2009 21:03:35.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.

  32. Thank you!!

    Regards from Argentina!

  33. Maximilien Noal says:

    Thank you very much for this new release!

    InfraRecorder is a very fine replacement to Nero for every Windows machine. I’ve put it everywhere! =)

    Regards from France!

  34. Billy says:

    Fantastic program! Opa!

  35. waterman says:

    to Michael (Halo 3 Fan) :

    i’ve had problems with my pio dvd burner too. it solved when i updated my dvr 212’s firmware. download the _PROPER_ executable for your odd, click on it twice, let the command line program run, and hopefully without reboot, your odd’s firmware updates.
    i couldn’t delete rewritables before, but after the update i could do it. try to download from here:

    one more thing:)
    big thank you from Hungary! this program is great!

  36. Andreas says:

    Thanks for the new version!

    I’m not able to copy a CD with that version , but I don’t know if it worked in previous versions, because I didn’t use that feature.

    I hit the menu entry to copy a disc, insert the source disc into the drive, but infrarecorder directly jumps to 100%. So it didn’t read any data!! Then it says it is ready.

    But if I use the image feature, which writes the disc into a image on my harddrive, it works.

  37. Jure says:


    Thanks for the update!

    Got a small bug to report: When installing IR with a language different than English, the old version automatically set the program to that language too, but this version chooses English anyway.


  38. Chris says:

    Well, back to Nero for me.

    Your Uberdownload crap has soured this otherwise amazing program. I don’t want to install a dolphin screensaver and certainly don’t want it included in a gpl application. Decidedly shady, you won’t get a second chance.

  39. Ken says:

    Work on Windows 7?

  40. sebi says:

    Thank you for the news release!!

  41. Oleg says:

    After a full format before burning the disc and, given the message that it is not empty.Disk not automatically ejected after recording.

  42. Radix says:

    Thanks from Philippines

    Nero is a bloated burning application that’s why I shifted to IR.

    Keep up the good work guyz!

  43. Maximilien Noal says:

    To Chris :

    There’s no “dolphin screensaver” embedded with IR! What are you babling about ?!

    Download it from, and _then_ see if you find a “dolphin screensaver” or whatever with it.

    IR is very lightweighted! Nero is _bloated_..

  44. jc says:

    “Couldn’t erase disc using selected method.” I just can’t format a disc with infrarecorder where I can do easily with CDburnerxp or imgburn. I also ran into the same problem as Oleg where a formatted disc is seen as not empty. Just too flaky when it comes to rewritable media.

  45. Gryzor says:

    Yay! A new version!!!

  46. mike says:

    Thank you so much!

  47. vartaxe says:


    add suport for .cue files please i mean not just this:

    FILE “sampleimage.bin” BINARY
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    but this is a must have feature:

    TITLE “Live in Berlin, 1998”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    FILE “faithless – live in berlin.mp3” MP3
    TITLE “Reverence”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE “She’s My Baby”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 06:42:00
    TITLE “Take The Long Way Home”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 10:54:00
    TITLE “Insomnia”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 17:04:00
    TITLE “Bring The Family Back”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 25:44:00
    TITLE “Salva Mea”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 30:50:00
    TITLE “Dirty Old Man”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 38:24:00
    TITLE “God Is A DJ”
    PERFORMER “Faithless”
    INDEX 01 42:35:00


    there are even open source library’s available in c and c# can help ^^

  48. shield says:

    Thank you very much from Hungary!

  49. matt says:

    thank you very much from the Yukon. It’s great that you both write and share this wonderful program.

  50. pfelelep says:

    thank you very much from France !

  51. HDD to no-temp ! :( says:

    HDD to no-temp ! πŸ™

  52. napata says:

    hi great idea

  53. Mike says:

    Are we going to ever see flac support?

  54. GΓ‘bor says:

    Great software! Thanks for the developer!

  55. Sergey Tsvetkov says:

    Russian translation for 0.50
    Thanks from Russia

  56. Sergey Tsvetkov says:

    Russian translation for 0.50

  57. Rado says:

    I Love this Program, but in v. 0.50 I can’t change write speed (writing only on max. speed).

  58. errr says:

    Christian, check the forum. there are full of spams everywhere πŸ™

  59. Giu33 says:

    Thank you very much from Italy!!!
    With some more features and some bugfix this software can go so far!!!!

  60. Hzne says:

    Goog Morning,

    Why the dvd size is 4,38 Gb in the selection of disks size.
    The dvd-r have 4,70 GB size.

    Good work and thanks from France.

  61. jc says:

    It doesn’t seem to be able to format DVD+RW’s.

  62. Martijn says:

    Will there be an Windows 7 version, or does it already work under Win7?

  63. errr says:

    Try it by yourself. There are even portable version of infrarecorder, so you don’t have to install it.

  64. Angel says:

    Great software keep the good work.

  65. Fan says:

    Thank you very much for this awesome piece of software.

  66. Montana says:

    Thank you very much from Brazil!

  67. HardBit says:

    Thanks for this excellent software, from Mexico, yeah! =)

  68. lopen says:

    Thank you from all Russia!

  69. Jota.Ce says:


    AFAIK, DVDs have 4.7 * 10^9 Bytes. I hate the word “billions” since it has no real translation: Billion is 10^9 in some places, billion is 10^12 in other places (like here), but in US, it would be 4.7 billion of bytes.

    Try to divide that number by 1024 three times to see how many real GBs it is.

  70. TheDarkLord says:

    Hey, I have just tested 0.50 but i often get:
    Warning: The DMA test speed has been skipped
    Sometimes on CD Burning but they burn anyway, but while try to burn a DVD-RW it starts burning but don’t stop when 100% reached.
    I need to hard reset the computer because even if I kill IR, the DVD is turning and turning and I can’t open the tray.

    So I switched back to 0.46.2, there where no problems with that DMA stuff.
    In your forum somebody posted the same error:
    Maybe you can fix that?

    In any case: IR is the only burning software I use πŸ™‚

  71. Keha says:

    I very happy new release IR.

  72. Science team says:

    Thank you from Poland, Germany, Russia and Netherlands!

  73. napx says:

    0.50 is not working on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit for me.

  74. Dimitry says:

    Best Regards from Russia!

  75. napx says:

    Correction: Burning .ISO images works, but compiling my own cd spits an error.

  76. Zagawa says:

    Great job πŸ™‚

  77. Fabzgy says:

    Thanks for this software from Costa Rica!

  78. Lucianolev says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of software πŸ™‚ In a less than 4mb free software package you manage to surpass many well-known commercial applications. You should try to promote this software more, it should be on par with projects like firefox or vlc.

    Keep on rocking! πŸ™‚

  79. secretanchitman says:

    this program rocks! i came over here thanks to the creator of nero lite 7/8. i thought nero lite was unbloated as possible, but this has all of the features i need in less than 5MB! πŸ™‚ thank you SO MUCH and i hope that you will continue development!

  80. Felix Nagel says:

    Very useful programm! But i think there is a small bug within the mp3 tag detection. I always get some charset errors.

    I could send a screenshot if you like.

    Thanks so much!

  81. Felix Nagel says:

    Wrong bug report πŸ˜‰
    Its not reading in MP3 tags automatically, but cdrtfe does — with wrong charset.

  82. Camillo says:

    thanks from Italy!! excellent software, it made me forget Nero!

  83. Franchute13 says:

    The version 0.5 does not work under Windows 7 64bit ultimate.
    The program never finished recording.

  84. Jardik says:

    It quite works for me on Windows 7 x64 Professional, but it gives me strange speed selection (3,6x, 7x, …) and no matter what I choose, no matter what kind of DVD I insert, it is always burned with 16x speed …

  85. mike says:

    it works well under windows 7 x64 for me but i have one problem i cant seem to rip no disc into iso i keep getting this message.

    Status: Operation Failed.

    Cannot read TOC header
    Read fulltoc problem

  86. Wastelander says:

    β€œCouldn’t erase disc using selected method.” But Nero has no problem erasing it.

  87. Dr.Gradus says:

    Good job Mr.Christian.

    Best Regards from Kiev!

  88. Daniel says:

    Long time, no update – how is the current status of this project? Is it still alive? Perhaps I am wrong and it has reached such a stable maturity that further development can be done with lower priority. Just wondering because I did not see any news since August 2009.

  89. theprojectisdead says:

    β€œCouldn’t erase disc using selected method.” Yep and still no fix for it.

  90. Peter says:

    Thank you very much for this great program.
    Works just fine with Windows 7 (64bit).

    Greetings from Bavaria, Germany

  91. Fratzicu says:

    Greetings from Romania.

    Great software. When is due the next release?

  92. Davpe says:

    Thank you! It’s an excellent piece of software, great Nero alternative. Just needs more advertising so people would know, there is another choice.

    Davpe (Czech republic)

  93. Neo.X_TEAM says:

    This Software is the same as IMGBURN or not?

  94. labros says:

    thx from greece

  95. JΓΌrgen says:

    THX πŸ™‚ Perfect

    very good Software

  96. Albert says:

    The software is great!

    Thanks from Taiwan, R.O.C

  97. hey, i’am newbie..

    sounds good for IR..


    Best regards from Indonesia

    Terimakasih πŸ˜›

  98. Stefanos says:

    An amazing project indeed. Has anyone noticed the “Burn an iso” bug? I never had this problem before. Every time I choose to burn an ISO image file, it shows that burning process finishes successfully but when I try to look my CD or DVD contents, the CD / DVD disk is empty!

    A suggestion that would sound brilliant to those who are interested in cross-platform support: Wouldn’t be nice if Infrarecorder was developed with wxWidgets which is more or less compatible with Microsoft’s MFC libraries? By doing so, Infrarecorder would have more supporters and testers not only under Windows but on GNU / Linux as well.

    NOTE: This is just a personal opinion and nothing else. I am a GNU / Linux for years and on one of my machines I exclusively use GNU / Linux Fedora distro. That’s why I suggested the above opinion. I would love to have it under Fedora.

  99. Alvas Rawuther says:

    Thanks !

  100. Seb says:

    Thanks from Germany

    But I have one prob:

    On Win 7 x64 the IR shortcuts have no icons πŸ™

  101. Snogar says:

    Thank you!!!!

    From Italy.

  102. Louis says:

    Program will NOT run on windows 7
    causing a toc header error

  103. Stefan says:

    The development is slow and there are bugs in Windows 7 x64, there is no icon, the smoke effect does not work and there is no progress bar when erasing a disk. There is now a x64 version of CDBurnerXP ;o)

  104. Jack says:


    Of course it works on Windows 7 including windows 7 64-bit
    No problems whatsoever!

  105. Guti says:

    Are there any news for the next InfraRecorder version?

  106. Martin says:

    Great project, where nero’s & Xp cd burner no works, your soft works great!!!

  107. Dodomir says:

    0.50 (August 16th, 2009) Issues:
    Applies to InfraRecorder 0.50 installed under Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit

    *Error “Warning: The DMA speed test has been skipped” – occurs upon burning a disk.
    -fix or workaround: n/a

    *Verification after succesfull write of a disk fails to perform.
    -workaround: InfraRecorder needs to be “Run as Administrator” (although it shouldn’t be needing admin rights for this)

    *Desktop Icons disappear – After running InfraRecorder all desktop icons disappear upon next OS restart.
    -workaround: Right-clicking on desktop ->View-> check “Show desktop icons” fixes the issue temporary.

  108. Norbert says:

    Shame this project has died. It was the best burning software around.

  109. kikore says:

    is this project dead?
    will it be updated?

  110. kikore says:

    sorry i did not see the last comment over mine πŸ™‚

  111. Avr says:

    Seems some serious work is going on.
    v0.50 is based on revision-119.. there is 42 revisions after this.

    Isn’t it time to push a new release? Or some alpha/beta for a start?

  112. KillerCookie says:

    But most of these revisions are translation updates which donΒ΄t warrant a new release.

  113. Brian says:

    Needs to be updated for Win7! Desktop icons keep disappearing! I would install this on 30+ machines, but cannot because of this one bug :*(

  114. Brian says:

    Concerning my comment above, the code has been fixed, but there is no official compiled release I can use. I have no idea how to download & compile the source into an installer, is there any chance someone could tell me how to do this?

    Thank you

  115. Avr says:

    Revision 162 –
    Modified Fri Jul 23 14:10:53 2010 UTC by c_kindahl
    * Fixed Windows 7 desktop icon hiding bug.

    That alone deserves a new release.
    WTB “setup.exe”, Please πŸ™‚

  116. Xion says:

    This program hasn’t been updated in a year, better stick with CDBurnerXP which is alive, regularly updated and has a x64 version.

  117. Guti says:

    As for CDRTFE, I am sorry, but no native x64 version, so it is not an alternative to IR.

  118. Anders says:

    It would be great if this small Icon/Win7-issue was fixed.

  119. timyrdp says:

    Gratitude to you from Ukraine. It is unique programs which works with mine DVD-RW. I receive an error: “The DMA test speed has been skipped”. What with it to do?

  120. Robert says:

    Thank you for this nice tool!

  121. Alex says:

    cdrtools v3.0, can help to solve DMA problem.

  122. Khanh Nguyen says:

    If you are running Windows 7 and Infrarecorder cannot erase/burn discs, try to run it as Administrator.

  123. Alex says:

    Now ist Works as Admin under Vista .. many thanks