Small Update

Version 0.51 is now released. This is a bug fix release which corrects various problems (some not documented in the change log). Maybe the most noticeable bug fix is the Windows 7 desktop icon problem.

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  1. hi there says:

    FAQ @ RIGHT of need to be updated to go to

  2. Aditu says:

    The long folder name bug is still there.

    To produce the bug create new data disc project. Create new folder. Enter into edit folder name (press F2). Then enter some characters or just press and hold key ‘a’ until you hear the beeping. Then press enter. And here it goes – crash.

  3. Jon says:

    Great to hear that this project is still actively developed! Thx!

  4. kneekoo says:

    Thank you for the new package, Christian! 🙂 It’s good to see you still have time for this software. I recently found out CDBurnerXP doesn’t recognize two different PCs but InfraRecorder works very well on both of them. Great! 🙂

  5. Stu says:

    Yeah, it is nice to see a new version. However, I wonder what advantage this project has over the far-more actively-developed CDBurnerXP? Aside from people who still don’t want to download .NET Framework (an issue alleviated for any Vista or 7) user I can’t see a benefit.


  6. kuku says:

    This program don’t veryfing data on disc.

  7. sleazoid says:

    I can’t see icon of Infrarecorder in x64 version

  8. Sebastian says:

    Great news!
    Infrarecorder works.
    CDBurnerXP sucks (slow, needs .NET, inestable)!

  9. Spiff says:

    Always happy with bug fix releases, but not when new bugs are introduced.
    Here’s one such bug:
    When trying to copy a disc with the new version x86, and hitting OK in the Copy Disc menu, the application hangs for a few seconds, after which Windows closes and restarts in Repair mode(!!)
    This error did not occur with version 0.50.
    [System: Windows Vista SP2, 32 bit]

  10. davebo says:

    I just found out today that infrarecorder is what’s been causing my win7 desktop icons to disappear all this time! Checked the site and you’ve already fixed it! Thanks!

  11. Spiff says:

    Earlier, I said I encountered a bug in the new version.
    My mistake, I’m sorry.
    I think there is NO bug.
    I don’t know what’s the cause, but after uninstalling 0.51 and reinstalling 0.50 I encounter the same problems that I mentioned in my earlier post. Some time ago, version 0.50 worked just fine. So it’s something else, NOT InfraRecorder.

  12. Kiwi says:

    This is great and thanks heaps! I also appreciate the fact you have provided checksums for all your downloads… this is super.

  13. Brian says:

    Thank you very much for update! Very happy I can see my desktop icons now 🙂

  14. Kiwi says:

    The Disc Verification feature of version 0.51 doesn’t seem to work properly. The first disc I burnt was ejected and the tray left open while the message “Started Disc Verification” was left on the screen. The second disc I burnt was properly ejected and then reloaded, but again the program halted at the “Started Disc Verification” message with no results.

  15. Stu says:

    @kuku: all recent versions of CDBurnerXP support verifying of data when burning Data discs (i.e. burning raw files and folders) or ISO images. It’s only not supported for Audio CDs.

    @Sebastian: on slower PCs CDBurnerXP initially loads-up slowly compared to InfraRecorder, yes, due to InfraRecorders’ C++ code rather than .NET. And while CDBurnerXP does need the .NET Framework 2.0, do remember Windows Vista already has 2.0 and 3.0 natively built-in; 7 then adds 3.5. Only XP users require a .NET installation so, going forwards, this will become far less of an issue.

  16. Gus says:

    Thank you for the new release, Christian! Its a pleasure to support your efforts.

  17. Martian says:

    What about CDtext in this version?
    It never writes CDtext on audio CD so I can’t see track names in my car CD player.
    CD’s from Nero works fine.

  18. Guti says:

    @Stu, Windows Vista and Windows 7 has not any native .NET built-in. They are including .NET built-in, but it is the same VM you can get from a separate install.

  19. Peter says:

    Still cannot use the program since I cant get verification to work. I would use this program and ditch imgburn if it worked as it is a showstopper for me (I must be able to check 100% disk is readable before deleting files from my pc).

  20. Guti says:

    The verification is not working for me either. In fact in never worked since 0.47 or so.

    Until it is fixed, after burning, I simply compress all the CD/DVD contents to a 7z file with no compression, making sure disk contents are fully readable. Then I delete the 7z file plus the original files in the HD. Not the best solution thoguth, but is not very tedious if you only burn from time to time like is my case.

  21. Martin says:

    I also thought that verification was doing nothing. However, I noticed that when burning a DVD, Session-at-once, from network-share files, during verification I had lots of network activity, but no DVD-burner activity. Therefore, I believe the verification is checking the original files against the temporary disc image, rather than checking the temporary disc image against the actual DVD. Also annoying is that the DVD ejects no matter whether I check the “do not eject” box or not – a problem with a drive that cannot pull the tray back in by itself.

  22. khagaroth says:

    There is always cdrtfe ( for those who want a cdrtools frontend. Always worked great for me before I switched solely to ImgBurn (after they added audio CD burning).

  23. Paulo says:

    I could not unzip the Windows x86 Installer with Winrar 3.70.
    The Winrar says: “O arquivo estĂĄ em formato desconhecido ou danificado”, or “The file is in unknown format or damaged” in English.

    The 7zip can unzip the file.

    Perhaps the “$” in the “$PLUGINSDIR” folder causes this problem.

  24. HappyTech says:

    Thanks for this new version!

    I install InfraRecorder on most PC’s I repair or assemble, and at first all users are a little bit uneasy for new and small software replacing their bloated Nero installations. After few CD-R’s created they all say InfraRecorder rullz because it does his job fast and easy.

  25. Guti says:

    @Paulo the MSI is the installer you need to install. If you want to uncompress it, then better get the portable ZIP version.

  26. Mike says:

    Is there a way to cause InfraRecorder to do a one-click audio CD copy, like Nero does? It looks like I have to go through multiple steps to rip the CD to the hard drive and then create a project to record to a new disk. That’s a lot of steps.

  27. Matthis says:

    Thanks a lot! I like infrarecorder for its simplicity.

    And to everyone posting bugs in the news section: It would be more helpful to go to the projects sourceforge site and post the bugs in the bug tracker.

  28. GerryRH says:

    Just downloaded version .51, or so I thought! What in Hell goes on here?

    I went to (home page), via Help | About | download – saved to file and [Run] to install over ver. .50. Result:

    Now I got a lot of additional spooge nags to get rid of. In addition, I’ve now got version .45 (software) instead of (newer) ver .50, (forget ver.51 I guess .?.?.

    Now I need to know. Has this happened to no one but me? I have read all the recent posts here and no one else has mentioned anything like i’m looking at!

    Reassure me please! 😉
    This doesn’t seem important now – but, why ‘did’ ver. .50

  29. GerryRH says:

    Oppps. but, why ‘did’ ver. .50 >>> display the current disc “region” as reg. 8 ?? I checked using several (used) DVD’s including one blank new disc – everyone reported ‘Ver. 8’ ???

  30. Psyringe says:

    Nice to see that this project is still alive!

    Disc verification does nothing for me either, a fix would be greatly appreciated.

    regarding CDBurnerXP: I used it for a while until I noticed that it sometimes “forgot” to burn some of the files. When I reported the bug, I was told that this was actually a known bug, but the programmer said that he didn’t want to fix it because a 3rd party library that the program uses was to blame, not his code. I pointed out that knowingly letting users burn CDs with a program that sometimes “forgets” files is not a good thing no matter in which part of the code the bug sits, but the programmer refused to even inform the users about the danger. Since then, I don’t trust CDBurnerXP any more and I’m glad that an alternative exists. 🙂

  31. gudda says:

    Intel Atom based system not supported as it denied to install.

  32. Stu says:

    By “native” I just mean it is there as part of the base OS install image, not that it is somehow “native” to Windows Vista or 7’s core codeset (i.e. to suggest it would run faster than say on XP), no. Appologies if you thought this. I just mean on these two OSs you do not have to also install the .NET Framework 2.0 as it is already there. This was in response to Sebastian’s comment saying a negative point for CDBurnerXP is that you need the .NET Framework — which can add additional download and install time — on XP.

    I did have this issue a few years back: burned a series of files and folders onto two DVD-Rs using CDBurnerXP. Verify said all was okay yet no PC would show any files on the discs — but a file recovery tool could find them all. Cause is obviously an incorrect file tree. Can’t say I’ve had any failed burns using newer versions in recent years though.

  33. Pascal says:

    La version n’Ă©volue pas.
    Dommage car sur mes trois ordinateurs, j’ai souvent des Ă©chec de gravure, ce qui est dĂ©plaisant.
    Pour l’instant j’utilise un autre logiciel en licence libre.
    J’attends une nouvelle version avant de revenir sur Infrarecorder.
    Bon courrage Ă  tous et merci pour votre travail.

  34. Andy says:

    What a pity! I shall not use this software without the verifing function. Please kindly help to improve and fulfil this function. Many thanks!

  35. Bill Lion says:

    Really love it. Infrarecorder is perfect. I have tried so many freeware burner, actually I love this one. Thanks!

  36. Ken Tankerous says:

    I also need data verification in my burning software – preferably MD5 checksums rather than CRC32.
    Thank you for your efforts in programming InfraRecorder and releasing it as freeware.
    Cheers 🙂

  37. Ozymandias says:

    the desktop shortcut on the x64 version is just a white square

  38. chuck_norris says:

    yea 64 bit version has corrupted desktop shortcut. Just create a shortcut from the exe in Program Files folder.

  39. Maxim says:

    Hej kÀra utvecklare InfraRecordera jag Kondrashov Maxim skriver dig frÄn Ryssland Jag tror att programmet bör InfraRecorder Ustro? Dessa brister
    Inget stöd för FLAC-format
    Saknade en viktig funktion att kontrollera de registrerade uppgifterna (förmĂ„gan att kontrollera riktigheten av en perfekt rekord), sĂ„ finns det en post görs “som Ă€r” omöjligt att kontrollera uppgifternas riktighet, kan fel uppstĂ„ i InfraRecorder att lĂ€gga fullt stöd för Windows 7 samt lĂ€gga till möjligheten att spela Blu-ray Disc

  40. Maxim says:

    Hello dear developers InfraRecordera Maxim Kondrashov I am writing to you from Russia, I think that the program InfraRecorder must be addressed now, these shortcomings
    No support for FLAC format
    Missing an important function of verifying the recorded data (the ability to verify the accuracy of a perfect record), then there is a record is made “as is” impossible to verify its accuracy, errors may Also in InfraRecorder must be added the ability to record Blu-ray Disc

  41. Maxim says:

    Hello dear developers, I InfraRecordera Maxim Kondrashov I am writing to you from Russia, I think the program InfraRecorder need to be addressed now, these shortcomings
    No support for FLAC format
    Missing an important function to check the recorded data (the ability to verify the accuracy of the ideal result), then there is a record is made “as is” impossible to verify its accuracy, errors can also InfraRecorder need to add the ability to record discs Blu-Ray discsc

  42. maxim says:

    Hello Dear developer InfraRecordera I Kondrashov maxims I write to you from Russia, I believe that the program needed to address deficiencies InfraRecorder is no support for the FLAC format
    tsutstvuet important function of verifying the recorded data (the ability to verify the accuracy of a perfect record), then there is a record is made “as is” and its accuracy can not be verified,errors may also InfraRecorder is necessary to add full support for Windows 7 as well as to add the ability to record Blu-ray Disc

  43. Piranha says:

    Thank you for update! I can see my desktop icons now.

  44. maxim says:

    Hej kÀra utvecklare infrarekordera jag Kondrashov Maxim skriver dig frÄn Ryssland anser jag att i programmet infrarekorder mÄste ÄtgÀrdas nu, dessa brister
    Inget stöd för FLAC-format
    Saknade en viktig funktion att kontrollera de registrerade uppgifterna (förmĂ„gan att kontrollera riktigheten av en perfekt rekord), sĂ„ finns det en post görs “som Ă€r” omöjligt att kontrollera uppgifternas riktighet, kan fel intrĂ€ffa. i infrarekorder behöver lĂ€gga fullt stöd för Windows 7 och Ă€ven lĂ€gga till möjligheten att spela Blu-ray Disc

  45. maxim says:

    Zdravstvui?te uvazhaemyi? razrabotchik infrarekordera ya Kondrashov maksim pishu vam iz rossi ya schitayu chto v programe infrarekorder dolzhny byt? ustraneny vot eti Nedostatki Ot·sut·stvuet podderzhka formata FLAC Ot·sut·stvuet vazhnaya funktsiya verifikatsii zapisannyh dannyh (vozmozhnost? proverki tochnosti sovershennoi? zapisi), to yest? zapis? delaet·sya «kak yest?», yee tochnost? proverit? nel?zya, vozmozhny oshibki. takzhe v infrarekorder nuzhno dobavit? polnuyu podderzhku vindovs 7 A takzhe dobavit? vozmozhnost? zapisi Blu-ray diskov

  46. Luka says:

    Hi! Just a quick question. Your roadmap shows the project should be deep in the 0.7 version, but there are no news for half a year from any of the developers. Is the project still being developed? The software works great and is ideal alternative for light CD/DVD burning. But what about development? Roadmap? Is there any news for us, users? Regards; Luka