New Release Soon

The upcoming release has been somewhat delayed. Mainly because I have been very busy lately and because the transition to VC8 and the 64-bit compiler was not very smooth. There is still a little more work that needs to be done. I have uploaded the new English translation file and plan on releasing the new version as soon as all active translators have updated their translations.

18 Responses to “New Release Soon”

  1. Nelson says:

    Can you tell us what’s new?
    Or give us a changelog or something?

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Nardog says:

    I’ve updated japanese translation in according with the v0.42.

    thanks 😉

  3. khagaroth says:

    – Fixed a bug causing DVD media to always be recorded at maximum speed.
    – Included a Korean translation, thanks to Jung Jin-ho!
    – Included a Bulgarian translation, thanks to Iliyan Popov!
    – Separated data DVD from data CD projects.
    – Added support for omitting version numbers from ISO9660 file names.
    – Added support for using Rock Ridge extensions without using the Joliet file name extension.
    – Fixed a bug causing the write speed not to be properly reported on some recorders.
    – Added support for column sorting.
    – Added support for rearranging audio tracks by drag and drop.
    – Included a Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) translation, thanks to ozzii!
    – Added support for automatically verifying a disc after it has been recorded.
    – Made the labels on the progress dialog double buffered to avoid flickering.
    – Fixed a bug causing the cp1250 code page not to be properly detected on Czech systems.
    – Added support for creating DVD-Video projects.
    – Included a Slovak translation, thanks to Marek!
    – Fixed a bug causing problems when importing certain seasons from multi-session discs.
    – Fixed a bug causing project UDF-settings not to be properly reset when creating a new project.
    – Fixed a bug causing error messages not to be properly displayed when recording custom projects on the fly.
    – Included a Chinese (Traditional) translation, thanks to Charlie!

  4. Christian says:

    Nardog: Thanks for the updated translation.
    khagaroth: Thanks for posting the changelog! There will be some more changes, I haven’t checked-in the latest build to CVS yet.

  5. Sonic-XL says:

    I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming release since I’ve the Vista Home Premium 64-bit OS installed.

    ps. what’s the reason to choose between ansi or unicode?

  6. Christian says:

    Sonic-XL: Unicode the the preferred version for modern systems. For example, it allows users to use different languages in Infra Recorder than in the system. For example, you can use a Japanese translation on a English OS. The ANSI version is basically for Windows 9x/ME systems only since these versions of Windows lack proper Unicode support.

  7. oldino says:

    I was wondering if it’s possible to remove the 2 seconds pregap from every track in audio cd mode. My plaxtor doesn’t support Track At Once with no pregap, but using nero I just set disc at once, and manually set pregap for each track to 0 seconds: I was wondering if it’s possible with infra recorder too…

  8. Marco Ravich says:

    Another suggestion: XCD support !

  9. Christian says:

    oldino: It’s currently not possible. Maybe in a future version.

    Marco: Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Steven says:

    So… when will this release be.. released?

  11. oldino says:

    Ok thx Christian. That indeed is the only lacking feature for audio cd imho.

  12. Gremlin131 says:

    When the release will be finished?
    first target was 24 february… today 3 march

  13. Nelson says:

    Does it support non-English filename now?
    In previous version, the filename or file path can only be English.
    Also is the label.

  14. Christian says:

    If I don’t receive the last translations today I will release it tomorrow no matter if I got all translations or not.

  15. Fraerok says:

    Have you had the russian translation?

  16. artemis says:

    @oldino , @Marco Ravich:

    In the meantime, until Infra Recorder implements the features, you suggested you can also try the other open source burner for windows based on the cdrtools: cdrtfe (

    It already supports both audio CDs without pauses and XCDs. Only the GUI isn’t that nice.

  17. Christian says:

    Fraerok: Yes, I have received the Russian translation.