Version 0.42

Finally version 0.42 is here. I’ll update the MP3 plug-in tomorrow, I need to catch some sleep.

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  1. Perch says:

    Thanks a lot for your hard work!

  2. Steven says:

    Good, I will download it and then enjoy it. Maybe…

  3. Steven says:

    Bad news is that when I click on any directory to navigate, the whole thing freezes. Wanna see? It’s been like this for about three minutes now. And I’m running no special programs that would eat my memory!

  4. Steven says:

    Oh, the HTML won’t work. Here is the image:

  5. Sonic-XL says:

    Cool! πŸ˜€

    I’ve installed ir42_x64.msi and successfully burned my first DVD-Video image.

    2 things:
    -installer doesn’t create a folder in the Start Menu. Instead it places 3 shortcuts right in the root. I’d rather see it in a seperate folder.
    -Upon startup the program gives the following error:
    “An error occured while trying to load the installed codecs.
    Please make sure that the installed codecs are compatible
    with this version of Infra Recorder.”

  6. Fraerok says:

    Why you didn’t create installer for Win XP (x86)??

  7. Alexey Diyan says:


    It is very good news. Thanks a lot!

    I started used Infra Recorder as soon as found version 0.41. I think I will continue using it.

    But I found some problems – when my DVD burned is in Lead-Out state it holds all work on my computer.

    I think it’s problems with cdrtools but I am not sure about this πŸ™

  8. Christian says:

    Alexey: On the burn dialog, go to the Advanced tab and enable the option called “Set the SCSI IMMED flag” and see if that solves the problem.

  9. Miha says:

    Ooops…Old error back again. After scan devices-error 0x6100365f adress 0x006ada90 Please correct this bug. Pioneer DVR-111, DVR-107

  10. Konstantin says:

    Great job, but its still buggy for me to use it..Still cant erase dvd-rw, cant import any else software recorded session, cant show the right size of the dvd down there..i have nec dvd-recorder, dont ask me i dont know what model πŸ™‚
    Good luck, will wait for the new version! Cheers!

  11. apul says:

    Thanks for this update!

  12. Rickard says:

    Want first to say thanks.
    Have a problem when I try to make a Audio-cd.(New project Audio CD)
    Every time when I drag/add a mp3-file to list so crash the software all the time.
    Is it inly me how have this problem or is it a bugg?
    Didn’t have this problem with vers.0.41.

  13. From one OpenSource project to another, I’d like to say great work, and good luck in the future. I would love NOTHING more than to remove Nero from all my clients/friends/family’s computers, and found nothing OpenSource and Win32 until InfraRecorder, keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  14. Marco Ravich says:

    I tested the new version yesterday and seems not that bad.

    Just 2 “minor” issues:
    1. It would be great if it automatically re-scan the system for drives;
    2. Disc-at-once non yet implemented (check out );
    3. Not that important, but would be cool to have SimplyBurns icons too ( )

    HaPpY BuRnInG !

  15. Starichok says:

    Fraerok, open your eyes…
    First line after title “Downloads”:
    “Download version 0.42 for Windows 2000/XP (2.29 MiB).”

  16. biki says:

    back to the 0.41 πŸ™
    now there’s no way to guess real burning speed
    when i start dvd project and set burn speed to 6x i get full speed (16 in my case) and lots of underrun errors πŸ™
    in old version i could use 0xdvd 6xcd and it did 6x dvd burn.

  17. JahJah says:

    this is a GREAT work!!
    keep up the good work.
    i m looking, for some time now, for a decent free/open-source cd burn software.
    this one is a REAL contestant fro them all.
    i like its simplicity, its light-weighticity, its features…
    it is AWESOME.

  18. Fraerok says:

    yes, hui znaet how i didn’t see it =)
    May be because in my browser viewing pictures set off, and i ignore first “Downolad” and didn’t understand that is link.

  19. oldino says:

    I still have speed problem with windows vista and pioneer 109. I manually enable 8x dvd speed, but whatever speed I choose, I always get 4x burning dvd πŸ™
    Any suggestion to fix this plz?

  20. Theo says:

    Tres bon travail !
    Je crois, ENFIN, pouvoir lacher une bonne fois pour toutes, mon sacre Nero…
    C’est la version qsue j’ai car au dessus c’est devenu une usine à gaz… Idiot pour un log de gravure….
    Donc merci pour ton logiciel excellent avec beaucoup de possibilites, dont une qu’il est difficile de trouver en “libre”, la copie du cd audio à la volée…
    Felicitations et mille mercis pour InfraRecorder v.0.42

  21. hans0r says:

    This program is awesome!
    Keep up the good work

  22. frederic says:

    christian when can be erased the dvd rw please

  23. Alex says:

    thanx for your work Christian … if drag’n’drop of audio-files works without a total crash and the internal explorer is a little faster i start to use it. πŸ˜‰

  24. Christian says:


    Can someone that has problem with Infra Recorder crashing when adding audio files please e-mail me more information about your system and the files your are trying to add. I have been trying to reproduce this for some time now, without any success.

    What OS are you using?
    Which version of Infra Recorder are you using?
    What type of audio files are you trying to add?
    Is the audo file special in some way? What bitrate, samplerate and how many channels does the audio file have?

  25. Juan says:

    Hello Christian!
    First of all thank you for Tugzip(the best zip soft) and for Infra Record!!!
    Infra Record crash when i’m add an MP3 file (don’t crash with wav or ogg files)
    I’m using:
    Win XP Home sp2
    Infra Record 0.42 (irLame 0.40 codec)
    A normal MP3 file (160 Kbps – stereo – 44Khz)
    I can send you or upload the mp3 file for test it
    Crash with all my mp3 files.

  26. Ptigui says:

    Hello !

    Many thanks for your software, Christian ! A few improvements are probably possible but I already like it ! :o)

    I have problems with CD Audio too…

    What OS are you using?
    >Windows XP SP2

    Which version of Infra Recorder are you using?
    >Last one : 0.42

    What type of audio files are you trying to add?
    >MP3 files, created bu Itunes

    Is the audo file special in some way?
    >I don’t think so…

    What bitrate, samplerate and how many channels does the audio file have?
    >I am enable to answer you… :o(

    I have noticed a few mistakes in the french translation… How could I help to improve it ??

  27. cybeRMayer says:


    I can’t erase or write to DVD+RW media. Which options have to set? Or this media can’t support by Infra Recorder?

  28. J. says:

    IÒ€ℒve installed ir42_x64.msi, and x64.lame
    Upon startup the program gives the following error:
    Ò€œAn error occured while trying to load the installed codecs.
    Please make sure that the installed codecs are compatible
    with this version of Infra Recorder.Ò€?
    What can i do??

  29. Andrew says:

    My antivirus ( has found:
    : RootShell : C:\Program Files\Infra Recorder\InfraRecorder.exe
    why? I ask explanations!

  30. Christian says:

    J.: There is a problem with the irWave plug-in, I’ll release a small update that fixes the problem very soon.

    Andrew: Kaspersky is wrong, just download the source code and have a look for your self. If they keep reporting a virus I probably need to get in touch with the Kaspersky developers.

  31. Marco Ravich says:

    Well then, it would be great to have a CreativeCommons-enabled burning software: it should recognize and burn CC tags (as cdtext ?) on audio tracks and so on.

    Just an idea (check out the Publish politc for CC@SoC 07 >

    * Any new tools which support publishing of content licensed with a Creative Commons license

    * Develop plugins that utilize Creative Commons licenses and metadata in your favorite applications. If these are web-based ideally licensing both at site-level and “object” (e.g., page, image) level should be supported, and RDFa metadata.

    HaPpY CoDiNg !!!

  32. David Kohen says:

    Hi, as I told you in the tracker, you made a great program…
    The new MP3 plugin seem to fix the crash on audio CDs…
    Didn’t test it on x64 yet. (I have some hard drive problems…)

  33. J. says:

    Thanks !!

  34. Boy George says:

    Oh wait. Yes, I have. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have it in me right now to type it all out again. Besides, it was just ramblings anyway. You didn’t want to hear me go on and on about this, right?

  35. guru says:

    i downloaded the mp3 plugin from the sourceforge. but it is giving crc error when extracted. please tell me what to do. i have try to download in three places-home pc, work pc, and freind pc but i m getting same error

  36. Adric says:


    I just tried to burn a BIN/CUE image and Infrarecoder pops up a message about unsupported sector size of 2352 bytes. What am I doing wrong?.

    CDBurner XP Pro has an option to convert bin to iso which worked fine so I think the bin file is not corrupted.

    Do I have to select a different write method than SAO?


  37. Peter says:

    I, too am having that problem with a cue/bin combination. I see that the sector size is specified in the cue file, so I assume it is a valid size, does the cue have to be changed or is this just a limitation of infra recorder?

  38. Jay says:

    Please email me explaining how to burn my bin/cue file on a dvd so it plays in my dvd player. It looks like I’m the only lost soul using it.

    Help Please,
    Lost & Confused

  39. Craig says:

    Hi There,

    I’m having the sector size of 2352 bytes problem as mentioned a couple of times above. Is there any thing I can do here or is it a limitation of InfraRecorder?



  40. Elvs says:

    How do i install the mp3 plugin? i donloaded a zip file from sourceforge, extracted it and got a whole library. what’s next?


  41. bruce says:

    I am having the same 2352 bytes problem, anyone know how to cure this?

  42. Ahmed says:

    I have the same problem as mentioned above:

    “unsupported sector size of 2352 bytes”

    am trying to burn a bin image to a CD

  43. Pengatom says:

    To fix the unsupported sector size of 2352 bytes problem, try to change
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352 to
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2048

    worked for me πŸ™‚

  44. CedarcrestPC says:

    That worked for me Pengatom.

    To clarify, you have to change that in the .cue file.

  45. stefanos says:

    that worked for me too

  46. stefanos says:

    Ehm… I mean it worked you can burn it OK but the cd cannot be recognized after :S So no it not a workaround

  47. Erevos says:

    To clarify even further, just edit the .cue file with a text editor! πŸ˜‰

  48. XmagusX says:

    The posted “workaround” of changing the .cue file allowed the burn to go through but not for the burned CD to be recognized. Not a reliable fix, sorry. πŸ™