Important Update

InfraRecorder version 0.42 revision 1 has been released. This version does not contain any new features at all, a few major errors in version 0.42 has been corrected. The short changelog can be viewed here. This update is recommended for all users. Please uninstall any previous versions of InfraRecorder if installing the new version from an installer.

83 Responses to “Important Update”

  1. J. says:

    Excellent !!!

  2. J. says:

    But now, i can´t decode mp3 files (x64) in audio cds.
    infrarecorder says: “The file you are trying to add is not supported”
    What´s wrong??

  3. Ptigui says:

    For me, always crashing when using drag & drop to create an audio CD from MP3 files.

    I really like InfraRecorder… I’m ready to help with testing, if usefull for you !

    Thanks for your work… Ptigui

  4. asy says:

    Hm, first of all, thanks for this great App… but

    I can not erase or write DVD RW dvds, this version here does not fix this at all, it wont work on WinXp-SP2 and also not on Vista Ultimate both 32-bit.

    Im just burning multisession DVD/CDs actually, with different Files, any chance to get this working in the near future, so that i can kick off Nero from my HD finally?


  5. danny says:

    It’s the only free alternative for Nero so… thank you for your work 🙂

  6. Miha says:

    After scan devices-error 0×6100365f adress 0×006ada90 Please correct this bug.

  7. Ptigui says:

    I must precise that the crash occured during drag & drop of a track to an other place in the bottom’s list of tracks. I was trying to sort titles from an audio CD…

    Hope this detail will help… Ptigui

  8. Andreas says:

    Just a small hint: After installing this version, it still stays “Version 0.42” in about dialog.

    It would be nice if you add a link to this homepage in menu help!


  9. Andreas says:

    Please ignore my last post!

    infrarecorder changed it’s installation path.. the old path was “Infra Recorder” and the new one is “InfraRecorder”.
    So I started the old Version as I clicked on the desktop link….

  10. Rosak says:

    Thanks. This is a best of burning apps, but… (i am next…)
    I can not erase or write DVD+RW dvd 🙁
    More info: DVD+RW Verbatim max.4x, DVD Recorder NEC ND-6650A, OS WinXP SP2…

  11. Christian says:

    To everyone that has problems erasing DVD+/-RW discs, I am aware of the limited support for this operation. I am working to improve this feature in the next version.

  12. Dave says:

    Any chance of a FLAC audio codec in the future? It would be great to burn audio CDRs without having to convert to .wav.

  13. oldino says:

    Is it only me that keeps getting wrong speed detected over dvd burner? On my pioneer 109 it keeps saying that max write speed is 40x cd and 5x dvd. I try changing it to 16x DVD (166x CD O_O) but still it keeps writing my dvd at 4x, no matter what speed I choose in burning dialog!!!

  14. Braese says:

    Great Burning Program, but one Problem. Cannot burn Audio CD from MP3 Files with x64 Version. With x86 Version no Problem. All my MP3 didnt work in x64 Version. WinXP Pro x64 , Samsung Burner

  15. Astonisz says:

    There is a problem not only with erasing DVD+/-RW discs, but also with writing them. Everything else works just great for me. Keep up the good work Christian! 🙂

  16. Braese says:

    Another test with Audio CD from MP3 and 64bit Version! In Vista 64bit it works for me! Must be a Problem with XP x64. In XP x64, the 32bit Version with Lame Plugin works, only the x64 Version with x64 Lame Plugin didnt´t work for me.

  17. oblus says:

    i have cygwin1.dll error while launching infrarecorder (cdrecord.exe) on windows xp sp2

  18. J. says:

    I have a Xp x64. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
    Cannot burn Audio CD from MP3 Files.
    Christian Pleaseeeeeeee, fix this bug !!!

  19. Sapog says:

    I can not burn iso from shared folder.

    File – \\Store\Backup\AlexSoft.iso

    InfraRecorder report –
    No sush file or directory. Cannot open ‘/cygdrive/\/tore\Backup\AlexSoft.iso’.

  20. Villu S says:

    Beside I do not work “enable InfraRecorder shell extension” :((

  21. gg says:

    oblus, Have you installed outpost firewall? I think I had same error. I deleted outpost and everything worked fine.

  22. Xfer says:

    Congratulations for your excellent Application, but maybe you must do something with the fact that a disc copy can´t be done with one single CD/DVD writer.


  23. Frank says:


    Great program!!

    One question: Is the burning speed for DVDs limited at 8x?
    I burned 3 DVDs and the max speed was something like 9.3x … I have a 16x DVD Recorder.

    Thank you 🙂

  24. MT says:

    I am having problems with both drives ejecting before each recording. Drive D:\ and Drive E:\ which are both my DVD burners. Complaining of no disk in one drive. The problem is that I forget sometimes to switch drives. It should autodetect if user has two disks or just one. If he / she has a disk which drive is it in? If they are making copy of disk to disk of course. But otherwise keep it to one disk.


    A very nice program Thank You we should never forget the kindness.

  25. Anderson says:

    Very Good !

    Work fine in very old LG CD-RW CED-8080B firm 1.11 with W98SE.
    Any portable ? USB or U3 version in the future?


  26. Oldboy says:

    Ezer köszönet annak aki a magyar verziót csinálta!!!! Végre vette valaki a fáradságot:) Nagyon szépen köszönöm:)

  27. Michalis says:

    Great program exept that I can’t record and erase DVD+RW disks.
    On cds it works perfect both writing and erasing using LG H42N

  28. Marco Ravich says:

    What about implementing a copy protection scheme ?

    Nearly NO software has this option !

    …and I already asked their support here >


  29. xor says:
    iat (Iso9660 Analyzer Tool) is a tool for detecting the structure of many types of CD-ROM image file formats, such as BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, and B5I, and converting them into ISO-9660.

  30. Gambit says:

    This looks very promising, keep up the good work!

  31. Ivan Kolevski says:

    Burning speed it’s NOT working for data CD’s at all. No mater what speed I choose, InfraRecorder burns the disks at max speed(default settings), maybe the information it is not passed on to cdrecord correctly. I’ve used BAO before & CDRFE as GUI’s for cdrecord & they can burn at certain speeds. Also auto detection of supported speeds for CD, DVD media would be nice. Otherwise very intuitive interface, clean & simple. Good work.

  32. TrustFm says:

    when i try to load infranview the pc freezes ! what can i do? Please help !

  33. TrustFm says:

    ok i resolved that problem [after a min the pc unfreezed]. What shall i do in order to write correctly files that have strange caracters [greek/korean languages?]

  34. Kostik says:

    I’ve installed new version.
    After visiting the Shell extension tab in Options window it complains about missing MSVCR80.dll – it seems you forgot to ship the VS runtime dll with the tool. It is not always present on users PCs 😉

  35. msf says:

    man! Your app is great… but, like Ptigui says, I have experienced the same drag n’ drop problem while sorting the order of the musics too… The program simply close by itself!
    By the way… great job!
    I’ll keep my eyes on the evolution of this great software…
    I’m waiting the due time to kick off nero! 🙂

  36. frederic says:

    no news, good news ?

  37. Christian says:

    I can’t see how the problem with adding MP3-files still persists. The problem was solved in this version on my computer. Please make sure that no old version of InfraRecorder is still installed. The latest release installs to “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder”, not “C:\Program Files\Infra Recorder” (note the space) as previous versions. Maybe you are still using the old version?

    Kostik: Thanks for letting me know. I have completely missed this, I have corrected it for the next version.

  38. J. says:

    The problem with adding MP3-files still persists, after clean install, in C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder and C:\Program Files(x86)\InfraRecorder
    Xp x64

  39. Jeff says:

    Very very nice interface! I am having the same trouble as some of the others here, as far as not being able to write DVD+RW discs. I figure you haven’t had time to build that in yet, but I’m casting my vote for that functionality being added. Thanks again for all of your efforts!

  40. Mapk says:

    I discover some problem with InfraRecorder.
    I tryed to burn ISO-image (which laying on w2k3 server \\server1\share\image.iso) from my work computer. All necessary sequrity and sharing rights on server1 are given.
    The burning process fail with error: No such directory. Cannot open ‘/cygdrive/\/erver1/share/image.iso’
    Please, try to cure this.

  41. visitor says:

    I have cygwin1.dll error while launching infrarecorder (cdrecord.exe) on Windows ME

  42. flatrabbit says:

    Yeah I’m loving IR, once the DVD+R/W issue is worked out I’ll finally be able to dump Nero forever. IR is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a burning program. No bloat just a program that does what it says.

  43. Stefan1200 says:

    Except for the DVD+R/W issue I like the Infra Recorder. Its really nice! So I wait for the next version which I hope don’t have problems with DVD+R/W.

  44. pihug12 says:

    Can you add 128×128 icons in the next build ?
    The icon is pixelized on my desktop (Windows Vista).

  45. Hello,

    I see that GPL offensive begun…

    I’ve installed and used IR.
    My hardware consists in a Core 2 Duo system and the writer is an ASUS DVD-RW 1604p which is a re-branded Pioneer in facts.
    I’ve the following issues:
    – IR can’t overburn a CD. Nero can write safely up to 712 MB. On IR, the media reports 702 MB, IR activates overburn for more, which always throws an error and it doesn’t write.
    – The CD/DVD speed detection and setting is wrong. Mine writes DVD at 16x and CDs at 40x maximum. IR can set 16x/52x… It is wrong. At least I’d allow the user, as an advanced feature, to set the right speeds…
    – Sometines I can’t select all the items in the right pane of the project content area.

    … if you ask me…
    – I’m satisfied in writing data CDs and DVDs (I’m not interested in mp3->audio or ripping)
    – I’d place a link to the main site on the about box.
    – I’d save the latest burn speed for each type of media (CD, DVD, DVD RW …)
    – I’d allow the drag’n’drop in the left pane of the project content area.
    – I’d assign the keyboard shortcuts for operations like renaming the project label (F2), copy, paste (in renaming) etc..
    – I’d add TAO, DAO support

    Please take these as advices, not criticism… 😉
    Great tool and great initiative…

  46. José C. Soria says:

    Hi! I tried to e-mail the software author, but the link does not work. I am offering to translate the InfraRecord help file into Spanish to co-operate with the project, because I am currently using InfraRecord (With excellent results, by the way!) Please, tell me your e-mail the way you like!

  47. Leo says:

    Tack så mycket Christian för ett utmärkt litet program (även om jag inte har testat alla funktioner än, vissa tycks ju ha problem). Snyggt, rent och enkelt. Precis så här skall ett brännarprogram vara, skönt att slippa Nero och liknande. Lycka till i fortsättningen!

  48. Prat says:

    Amazing work Christian!

    Though I was aware of GPL since years, I’d recently decided convert, and have spent the past few months ridding my PC of most traditional registered software.

    Nero was on my hit-list, and your application is a breath of fresh air! No gazillion unnecessary features that bloat up to 100s of MBs… Plain, simple and straightforward. Good stuff!

    Was trying to figure out how to auto-update my multi-session discs (that’s when I pop the disc in, say continue multi-session, and the software automatically pulls up files from the HDD that have changed since the last burn) but there doesn’t seem to be any way. Would like to know if you plan on plugging in such a feature?

    I’ll be eagerly following your updates. Rock on!

  49. wapvirus says:

    I would just like to thank the author InfraRecorder for making such a professional CD/DVD burning program i used to use Nero so when i found this program i could use it straight away and Nero has been uninstalled from my Laptop also the i am using windows vista ultimate v6000 and it works perfectly for me i have a P4 1.6ghz laptop with 1gig ram

    If i can contribute with any further testing on vista you have my email addy

    Just a suggestion though would be nice if it was skinnable

    Thanks again this program rocks :8

  50. A few more things:

    1. I wrote a file containing ‘;’ in name. It replaced automatically the ‘;’ to ‘_’. A warning before would have been nice to let me fix the name. At verification step it looked for the original name (the one with ‘;’) and didn’t find it.
    2. If the verification and eject disk after burn are checked both at a time it eject the tray twice, instead once before verification and once after.
    3. Regarding the overburn, DVD-RW 1604p seems to return an error before trying overburning. It looks to be an DVD/RW units error. Combo works fine.

    I hope it is useful …. 😉
    Good luck! I am a developer to and I’m ready to contribute if needed, but I’m not documented enough in cd burning field.

  51. Mercy says:

    The only real alternative to Nero!
    Hope to see some new features soon.

    I would like to have the abillity of burning a DVD-Audio. No program supports it.
    And some more compression formats like mp3PRO (really need it!), Monkey’s Audio and mpeg4.

    great tool thanks again!

  52. Alex Cicovic says:

    Hi there,

    I have searched for an open source burner many times finding nothing, but this time I think I found something really promising and I’ve started using it.

    I want to repeat that as Ivan Kolevski pointed out, InfraRecorder always picks the max speed which in my case lead to some empty buffers and write errors. I think that controlling the speed correctly is an important fix.

    Apart from that, it would be useful to assign rename function to the F2 key (like most Windows applications). I’ve also noticed a glitch. When you right click on the CD/DVD’s title and then you click on the application’s title bar, the context menu appears. You probably know that already, but I thought I should mention it just in case.

    Thanks for the great work. I’m sure it will only get better. 🙂

  53. blueyes80 says:

    Very good software!
    But I have some problem to create iso image from CD. It freeze at 99%!!!

  54. Miahi Dobrescu says:


    I’ve searched to see how to write more than 702 MB on a regular CD without overburning (my writer doesn’t support that). Nero has a feature: enable short leadout. This allows to write 12 MB more. Would be great to have it.

  55. Sam says:

    My big recommend would be: make the “Burn to disc” icon bigger and more obvious! I’ve been using this program for a while now and I always have to wait for the mouse-over text to appear before I’m sure I have the right button.
    Also when I create an ISO from a disc and then burn that ISO to a new disc, the disc is frequently flawed. It is not an issue with the discs.

  56. Daniele says:

    Thank you for your software! 😉
    I’m installing it in all my friend’s pc…but I still have problems burning in DISC AT ONCE mode… How can it work?

    The biggest problems are using IR with a LG GSA-T10N SLIM D.L., can you help me please?

    Thank again, you’re a nice person! 😉

  57. J. says:

    0.43 ?

  58. Leech says:

    Please, can you make the first download link a little bigger or notable (since its the main download), because its a little confuse, and I always go to the second links or .zip file. Also my friends was confused there..


  59. oldino says:

    Dead project? 😛

  60. biki says:

    it’s not dead, it’s resting.

  61. Astonisz says:

    So, when can we expect version 0.43 to be released?

  62. J. says:

    Good question Astonisz
    : (

  63. Christian says:

    Sorry for the delay. It should have been released by now, unfortunately I caught a cold so I have not been in the mood of programming. I will try to fix the last things and release the new version this weekend.

    I am also behind with my e-mail, I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

  64. J. says:

    Please, don´t forget a X64 version.
    : )

  65. mojojojo says:

    Thanks Christian! There’s nothing like infrarecorder out there so I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. I can’t wait until 0.43 I hope it fixes the CD-RW erase problem… get well soon.

  66. Zorn says:

    Hi Christian, thanks for your work! I think that I found a bug, on Win Vista 64bit, The x64 version (i don’t know on other) if i try to access to the net drivers, the infra freeze.

  67. modjo says:

    At once I apologize for the English.

    I very much like your program for the small size and in it there is nothing superfluous. And still that it free-of-charge! Thanks for work!
    I use two drives DVD_RW on one all works is remarkable, but on Optiarc AD7173A nothing works. Sometimes before to start to write the program or a drive long think. And probability of record of a disk with mistakes (with the subsequent not reading of a disk) it is equal, probably 100 %. Having updated fireware from 1.01 till (1.02) the problem became a trace: like as record is made (so the program) thinks and starts to check a disk. Files naturally find on a disk cannot.

    Very much it would be desirable for supports of this drive in the future. Very much it would not be desirable to use nero and other massive programs bunrning disks…

    In advance thanks.

    OS: MS Windows XP Pro SP2
    infrarecorder v0.41.2

    Mail Delivery Subsystem

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    UNKNOWN_USER: No such user

  68. modjo says:

    sorry: infrarecorder v0.41.1…

  69. khagaroth says:

    modjo, you misspelled the email address, it’s kindahl not kindai

  70. modjo says:

    thanks khagaroth!

  71. Moose says:

    Hello. I just installed IR 0.43.1 on XP SP2 and I’d really like to check it out, but every time I launch the app (the InfraRecorder shortcut), it locks up my box up and I have to reset it. I saw the above post regarding the same thing and waiting a minute, but I wait like 5 minutes and it’s still locked up… I can’t move the mouse or do anything.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

  72. Rick says:

    Hey thanks for the program, I’ve used Nero and I personally think this program works better.

  73. Lorenzo says:

    I just got version 0.43.1 and it pops a message saying that cdrecord has crashed, during the drives scanning. It also happens when i try to rescan the recorders manually.

    It seems to be a problem with cdrecord, not infrarecorder.

    If you need, ask me for a error log (the windows error log)

  74. rectangle says:

    “oldino Says:

    Is it only me that keeps getting wrong speed detected over dvd burner?”

    No. I’m having exactly the same problem with a Pioneer DVR-111D. It’s the only thing that’s stopping me using InfraRecorder. Nero writes at 16x.

  75. Suvim says:

    Hi Christian, I need help

    I downloaded ir0431_ansi.exe for Win9x systems and installed it. Installation was successful but the program is not opening. It is giving the error

    My sys config are –
    Win 98 SE
    128mb RAM
    I have installed Nero Express which came with my LG CD-Writer
    I also have a Sony CD-Rom drive(Not used frequently)
    Latest version of AVG

    Is there some co-existence problem with Nero ? Can someone help please
    -Thank you, – Suvim

  76. Janos says:

    Please, help! I tried to use this software (it was az unanticipated present bundled with TC UP), but when it started, first asked for my 2 IDE drives, and when I assigned them, the machine freezed like ice. What could have been the problem? My system shell as well as the InfraRecorder’s folder is installed onto a drive labeled as “F”, the two optical drives are “D” and “E”. Is this the problem?

  77. ralph says:

    same problem as mentioned above with mp3 -> audio CD generating errors on XP x64 (using 64-bit version). Other than that a great tool!

  78. Evan says:

    Whenever I try to burn an image on to a CD it doesnt read the disk drive but the computer does? :/ help plz

  79. Toby says:

    I tried burning some video files, none of them play on any of my computers. I burned them with Ultimate CD/DVD burner 3.0 and they worked alright, but I heard bad things about that prog.

    Did i do something wrong? I just dragged them and clicked burn compilation. I right clicked the bar on the bottom to show that it was a 4.3 gig DVD-R, and didn’t use but around 3.9 gigs of the DVD

  80. Mike says:

    I am getting the error message “Inappropriate audio coding in file ….” when trying to burn an audio CD from MP3 files?

    I have installed the latest software (46.1.0) and what I believe to be the latest Lame codec (irLame042). Should these be compatible on Windows XP SP3?

    In the About window I notice that the three original codecs are version 42.1.0 whereas the Lame codec is 42.0.0.


  81. PG says:

    Thanks for the fix.

  82. Irv says:

    Just installed it.
    Trying to burn a DVD and get two messages:
    Started to write disc image
    Failed to create disk image

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?