Version 0.43

Version 0.43 is now available. The changelog can be viewed here.

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  1. kongondo says:

    Excellent! I’ve just joined the bandwagon of this great software. Can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

    Good job!

  2. Nardog says:

    The changelog doesn’t contain changes in the version 0.43…

  3. oldino says:

    New version but same old bad bug: no matter the speed I choose, my dvd writer always write at 4x…
    Anyway thx for the update.

  4. J. says:

    Still the problem for me. I can´t decode mp3 files, using x64 version.
    : (

  5. J. says:

    “the file you are to add is not supported” The same bug when i add any file in audio compilations.
    I´m very sad.

  6. Saint says:

    I am still experiencing this bug. After recording a DVD the same cant be read in my computer. Still its perfectly readable in other computers.

  7. Marco Ravich says:

    Hey guyz, this is an open source -GPL- project !!!

    If you found a bug or you wanna add a feature you can submit a patch/mod !

    BTW, feedback is very important, so i think we need a specific place where to post them (bugzilla ?).

    Just my opinions.

  8. Braese says:

    Yes, Bugzilla or Flyspry i would like to see, much better to report Bugs in Forums or Blogcomments!

  9. Nardog says:

    I think that if you have a bug, a request or a patch you should submit it to the [url=]Tracker[/url].

  10. Pete Boyd says:

    The main web site doesn’t include a link to the Windows 2000/XP installer. You can find it here though:

    It’s called ir043_unicode.exe

  11. STK says:

    Hi! I Think this program is a great idea, but still much work need to be done.
    The problem with the wrong speed is correct, it happens to me too and with other programs such as deepburner it burns just right. One time i stopped the recording and the program just messed up my entire ide channels and i had to format my pc… let’s see if this version works better… keep up th good work!

  12. J. says:

    Cannot burn Audio CD from MP3 Files with x64 Version. With x86 Version no Problem. All my MP3 didnt work in x64 Version. WinXP Pro x64.
    How can i do cristian??

  13. Nuno says:

    first of all, thank you for this software!

    I also have the speed bug. No matter the speed I choose, the dvds always burn at 6x. I’m using an external drive from LITE-ON, model DVDRW SHM-165P6S MS0N. The recording max speed for this drive is 16x, but IR detects only 6x (in the previous version, 0.42.1, it detected it correctly).
    A friend using Nero, says 6x is the minimum speed he has to choose from with this drive. Can this be related?

  14. Anderson says:

    Cannot erase CD-RW!

  15. Tony says:

    I’ve been watching this project, but limited in its use due to -RW and +RW issues. I’ve checked this latest release on 3 machines I have running WinXP Home, and all still have issues with reporting proper drive read and write speeds and erasing -RW and +RW media.

    Another issue. If I double click on My Computer, Drives or Folders in the right hand pane of the Explorer View, that pane never updates with any file listings. I always have to go back over to the left hand pane and click on the folder for which I want to see the contents. It has also at times driven InfraRecorder to take 100% of the CPU and remain stuck.

  16. khagaroth says:

    If you have a Pioneer burner and you can’t burn faster than 4x, download the latest version of cdrtools (a26) from and replace the old (a22) version that is installed with InfraRecorder, it should fix this problem.

  17. Rosak says:

    Writing on blank CD-RW and DVD+RW is O.K.
    Erase CD-RW and DVD+RW failed = “Unable to load drive media. Please insert a valid disc into the drive” 🙁

    Writing and erasing CD-RW is O.K.
    Writing and erasing DVD+RW failed 🙁

    Two computers, two recorders, WinXP-SP2…
    Please help

  18. Christian says:

    Please try to use the bug tracker for reporting bugs.

    People who have problems erasing discs, could you please send me more information by e-mail? I am especially interested in erase problem at the moment. I would need you to send the full program log as well as the exact actions you take: For example:

    1. Clicked: Actions -> Erase Disc…
    2. Clicked the refresh button.
    3. Noting happens.

    Before saving and sending the log file, please perform a diagnostic device scan since I want the name and revision information of your device.

    My e-mail address can be found in the contact section of the website.

  19. frederic says:

    it is possible to write directly? please

  20. rejven says:

    very nice recorder indeed, thx! I just have small question which I`ll ask here since I dont see any forum. When I try to make data dvd recorder always makes “image first” and than he begins burning. I have no problem with that most of the time but since it takes more time and sometimes im in a hurry it kinda bothers me. Where can i turn this off (if possible)?

  21. rejven says:

    nvm… i found what i was looking for…. But sometime its just easier 2 ask…
    (lazy ass … 🙂

  22. mojojojo says:

    I have problems erasing my CD-RW and DVD-RW disks too. However, instead of using the erase/format disk function, I’ve just been burning an empty project to the disk…

  23. shade45 says:

    Very good work!! This program represent the first ‘real’ free alternative to the other commercial software …and it really RULEZ !!

    However i experenced a little problem, cannot enable the shell extension, i just check it and when i close and reopen the program it’s still unchecked and naturally no changes apper in the shell menu….
    Just hope to be useful….
    Thank for your free greet software i’ll use it 4ever…
    bye, shade

  24. frederic says:

    revjen Can explain me how you have makes to avoid makes “image first�, please

  25. mnpg says:

    hi christian, why the msi package is defined only the X64 version? is there a reason? for further releases, is it planned?

    thanks in advance for your answers

  26. Christian says:

    mnpg: Because the MSI package installer is the only installer that supports proper installation of 64-bit applications.

    I prefer the NSIS installer, but if someone convinces that MSI packages are better I might use it for all versions.

  27. Nardog says:

    Isn’t Inno Setup proper to the 64-bit installation?
    I can help you to provide a Inno Setup script if you like…

  28. mnpg says:

    I answer to my previous post : In my case, i use InfraRecorder on our campus BUT i’ve to repack to MSI to deploy it by GPO through our AD network (we manage more than a thousand windows machines).
    I understand your choice of NSIS setup, but by creating an native MSI this will appreciate by several administrators like me to offer your product to a large public.
    You use a wix file to generate the X64 version, it’s easier for you to make the X86 version also.

    thanks for all

  29. jnet says:

    Really thank your great job!
    Go on with this good idea, opensource forever!

  30. rejven says:


    to write directly on disk you must check “On the fly” before burning. For more detailed explanation use help.(Help->Help Topics->How to Use->Burn options)

  31. frederic says:

    revjen thank you for your answer

  32. r3g says:

    khagaroth, I have a pionner and I replaced the cdrtools a22 for a26, and the problem remain… I cant burn DVD more than 4x. Anyone know how to fix this?

  33. Prime Ho says:

    Dear Sir,

    I installed 0.43, but it can’t normally read bouble byte file name like chinese

  34. Marco Ravich says:

    Dunno if someone is interested in, but we’re talking about start an open source -multiplatform- CD/DVD labeling software (something like Surething…)
    It could be benefit to IR too in the future !

    Here’s the statring points: (ita)

    Suggestions are welcomed !!!

  35. dann says:

    What about lightscribe support?

  36. Stefan1200 says:

    While I try to format/erase a DVD-RW InfraRecorder stays at the following operation:
    Same problem also with quick and full format!

  37. MAD says:

    0.43 version crashes my computer (instant reboot) when searching for external drives. was ok. Tried it a few times.

  38. Beach says:

    Simply amazing. This does exactly what I need. Thank you very much!!

  39. Flavio says:

    Erasing CD-RW does not work for me. My recorder is SAMSUNG ‘ ‘CDRW/DVD SM-348B’ ‘T503’ CD-ROM. The OK button for erase remains disabled and also refreshing is still not working. The program is OK writing on CD-R and CD-RW.

    Other information from the register:

    Opened device ‘D’ using SPTI.
    Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02.
    CDB: 0xAC,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x40,0x03,0x00
    Sense: 0xF0,0x00,0x05,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x0A

  40. plamcho says:

    cannot enable the shell extension

  41. Roberto says:

    Great job!
    Easy and complete, it’s exactly what I need.

  42. Tiago says:

    I need a little help! I am have some trouble in using the feature that allows me to make a copy from one CD to another. Thanks for the attention.

  43. Vacon says:

    Hello everyone,

    this here is for _news_!
    For help and open discussion there is another forum:
    Maybe you could describe your problems there, but with a little bit more details:
    – which kind of CD (video, music, data,…)
    – are there any messages displayed
    – what do you expect, but does (not) happen
    – can’t find the button to start
    – …

    Best regards!

  44. shade says:

    @plamcho: i had the same problem, you need to install the redistributable package of the microsoft visual c++……this worked for me


  45. Christian says:

    plamcho and shade: The redistributable package shouldn’t be needed with version 0.43. That’s strange.

  46. ramirez says:

    Good work. but, settings.xml MUST be stored in %UserProfile%\Application Data\.. folder. Without this, non-admin users (that dont have access to drive) can’t set options. For example, temporary dir. Or, temprary dir parameter must allow format like: %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp.

    These bugs makes impossible using InfraRecorder in domain network. And deplying InfraRecorder to workstations using policies. =(

  47. sir-qwerty says:

    Thanks a lot for the first usable free burning kit. Exactly what was missing in my collection. No bloat, no idiotic UI, just BURNING 🙂
    There’s one thing I would prefer: MP3->CDaudio on the fly without decoding to WAVs. Intermediate WAV files are created by every burning software and this process prolongs the burning process, alhough almost every computer today is capable of decoding MP3 to WAV while burning to disc.
    Please, think about it. Nero does this task wonderfully.

  48. shade says:

    @ Christian: i read that, but without it the shell didn’t work, and i found in the windows log a SisdeBySide boot error; all has been resolved with the ms visual c++ package;
    However i think something is wrong in shell section, because even noe that the shell work, file associations still doesn’t work.

    Thanks for the great sw…. 😉

  49. Manfred says:

    Sorry, but with my 18x Recorder and a 18x 4,4 GB DVDs I need 20 Minutes at “full speed” (!!!!!) to record. 🙁

  50. Luke says:

    Thanks a lot for great, free and user-friendly burning application. However there is one important piece missing. I found that one of the competitive commercial burning software is capable of writing multi-session DVDs. Is there any way to implement this feature in InfraRecorer also? Best regards.

  51. Happyone says:

    Great burning application, thanks!

    But is it possible to burn .ts (transport streams) file to dvd video ?

  52. BlondMM says:

    0.43 initially starts with a comment about a drive letter that cannot be linked to a DAEMON tools device. After that I cannot detect, erase or burn to my regular cd-rw drive anymore.

    0.42.1 and older is ok.

  53. Harley Kilpatrick says:

    Christian, I have downloaded and used the XP version, it performed well.
    I have also tried the win98 version, and cannot get it to work. It comes up with ( infrarecorder.exe linked to missing export shell32.dll:shgetfolderpatha.) I am a newby and cant seem to get this worked out.

    Thanks for a great program.

  54. J. MacArthur says:

    Same as above.

    ir0431_ansi.exe installed on Windows 98 SE gives the following error when trying to run program:

    C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\InfraRecorder.exe
    A device attached to the system is not functioning.

    Error Starting Program
    The INFRARECORDER.EXE file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA.

  55. jwwalch says:

    I too had the same issues as the 2 above. I loaded the software on my Windows 98 machine and when trying to run the program I get the:

    Error Starting program
    The file is linked to a missing

  56. Dark says:

    I have the same problem on Win98. Same error message. Is there a way to fix this? It says it should work on win98 but i guess it doesnt.

  57. Bart Vandewoestyne says:

    I am also experiencing the problem. When I fire up InfraRecorder on Windows 98 Second edition, I get an error message saying that the file INFRARECORDER.EXE is coupled to the missing SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA.
    If I can help in performing user-tests in order to fix this bug, please let me know.

  58. jarek says:

    Why I don’t create multisession on dvd-rw re-recordable how do this

  59. mitra says:

    pb : there is no devices detected on ‘devices’ and i cannot burn anything.
    i have a vista home. can anybody help me ?

  60. Dapxin says:

    Hi, was the x86 msi version ever released ?

    Thanks for a useful product.

  61. Dodyboy says:

    pb : there is no devices detected on ‘devices’ and i cannot burn anything.
    i have a vista business. can anybody help me ?

  62. Casper says:

    Saint Says:

    May 14th, 2007 at 11:12 pm
    I am still experiencing this bug. After recording a DVD the same cant be read in my computer. Still its perfectly readable in other computers.


  63. flash says:

    i installed infarecorder to finally hav a good open sourced burner.

    well needless to say i cannot burn anything!
    i create a project and whe it comes time to finalize and burn it it starts it then fails within the same second no clue WTF to do.