Small Update

I have released a small update correcting the problem causing the OK-button to be disabled in the burn dialog for some recorders.

This update also adds support for reloading laptop drives (drives that can not automatically load themselves) before starting the disc verification process.

If you don’t experience any of these problems with version 0.44 you don’t need to

97 Responses to “Small Update”

  1. pepemosca says:

    Does this update fix the problem mentionated here:

    I have it also in the 0.44 in Windows Vista with my notebook


  2. HAN says:

    Cheers Christian!!! The laptop drive verification fix works great. Thank you very much!

  3. Goran says:

    My CD writer Asus CRW 5232 now works as it should under WXP SP2 – OK is not greyed out any more. But I still have problems when I try to write multisession disc (Mode 2 XA). IR returns error “Could not write lead-in”. Would be nice, if option for choosing multisession discs could be chossen from Burn menu or from some more obvious place, instead from Project properties – as it is now, many consider that “Finalize disc…” there is the right option, thanks to similar expression in other burning SW – and get warning. Otherwise, IR is really joy to use. Thanks Christian for your efforts!

  4. Christian says:

    pepemosca: Yes it should.

    Goran: Try to record the multi-session disc using TAO if SAO didn’t work. Yes, many users seems to be confused about the finalize option, that’s why I added a warning when that option is change. I am definitely considering adding a separate multi-session project to the menu.

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks for the update! The Ok button is working for me when there is a blank cd inserted. This seems kind of silly when doing a cd-copy in clone mode, but it’s easy to work with.
    Insert blank CD
    Tell IR to copy CD
    Insert Source CD
    Insert Blank CD

    I am still having a problem with non-administrators not being able to find devices. I copied my devices.xml file from my %appdata% folder to the non-administrator and then it worked fine.

    Their log:
    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Monday, December 03 2007 15:33:04.
    Versions: MSW = 5.1, IE = 6.0, CC = 6.0.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -scanbus.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -scanbus.

    Admin’s log:
    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Monday, December 03 2007 15:24:03.
    Versions: MSW = 5.1, IE = 6.0, CC = 6.0.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -scanbus.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -prcap dev=3,0,0.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -checkdrive dev=3,0,0.
    Opened device ‘D’ using SPTI.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -scanbus.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -prcap dev=3,0,0.
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -checkdrive dev=3,0,0.

    After copying the devices.xml file to their %appdata% folder and re-opening IR:
    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Monday, December 03 2007 15:38:47.
    Versions: MSW = 5.1, IE = 6.0, CC = 6.0.
    Opened device ‘D’ using SPTI.
    Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02.
    CDB: 0xAC,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x40,0x03,0x00
    Sense: 0x70,0x00,0x06,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x0A
    Opened device ‘D’ using SPTI.

    But, it went on to work. I’m sure this isn’t ideal, especially the more users out there. Thanks for any suggestions and thanks again for the update!

  6. Val says:

    Just switched from Nero to Infra. So far so good. Thanks for a great app 🙂

  7. Charbel says:

    Your program is great, too bad the desktop icon sucks! you shuld change it to somethin more nice 🙂

  8. Paul says:

    The fix didn’t work for me 🙁

    Still the same log:

    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: dinsdag, december 04 2007 11:43:13.
    Versions: MSW = 5.1, IE = 6.0, CC = 6.0.
    Opened device ‘C’ using SPTI.
    DeviceIoControl failed, last error: 1.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  9. pepemosca says:

    Great! Today I’ll try it!

  10. Kadath says:

    Many thanks for the laptop verification fix, Christian! No need for Nero at all now!

  11. pepemosca says:

    Ok, now it has a dialog box telling you that you need to reload the media: but why does it goes out the media? Could just stay on loaded?
    Does it really need to go out?

    I have a notebook with Windows Vista Home Premium using the 0.44.1

  12. Cool Dude 2k says:

    The new version works for me.
    Thanks very much. ^_^

  13. pepemosca says:

    The problem that I have, is that I’m not in front of the computer when I burn a CD/DVD, so by this dialog box asking me to put back the media: “pause” the recording until I get back in front of the notebook.

    Help? 🙂

    BTW, besides that: the app is GREAT! I love it! I loose Nero for your InfraRecorder!

  14. paranoid says:

    Bravo! IR is working again!

  15. Matt says:

    Hey there! I’m still having the issue of the OK button being greyed-out (I’m trying to burn an image). I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-111 writer using 1.29 firmware.

  16. SigHunter says:

    Same here, i also switched from crappy overload nero to IR,
    everything is perfect, just burning mp3 as audio cd doesnt work
    (i installed that mp3plugin but its just for ripping). but im converting
    my stuff to wav to burn, thats no prob.

  17. at says:

    I’m experiencing blue screens whenever I start InfraRecorder. Whole machine crashes when scanning the IDE bus. This started happening with 0.44 and continues with 0.44.1. I had no problems with 0.43.

    As it simply crashes nothing is left on the log files.

  18. Felix Hahn says:

    Hi, thanks for the great piece of software. I have just a little suggestion to add. I think the default icon on the desktop should be InfraExpress. That would make it easier for some users to use. Thanks, and keep up to good work.

  19. barbarien says:

    when i go to option,devices and press rescan ,infrarec crashes , block complete my machine must restart
    windows 98 se , ugly thing

  20. STK says:

    Hi, nice piece of software: nice, clean, easy and eyecandy.
    The version 0.44 corrected lots of the speed bugs and others i encountered. The only bug i still found is that i cannot burn dvd-video isos directly as i do with normal dvd-data isos. It’s very cool to just use the shell extension to burn normal isos, but with dvd-video ones, the software just stops responding when it starts burning… qith other software i burn this kind of isos with no problem. I hope that maybe you could release a 0.44.2 to fix this problem, i bet lots of users would like. Keep up the good work because InfraRecorder is one of the best open source projects that i use.

  21. Burrens says:

    I just installed 0.44.1 on my Vista Home Premium (32bit) laptop. I cannot erase Cd-RW discs. The program hangs on the progress window and stays at 0%.

    I have a matshita dvd ram UJ-850s v1.90.

  22. nillawafer says:

    When I uninstall infraRecorder, it leaves the shortcuts it created on the Desktop and Start Menu. Not a big deal but an annoyance, nonetheless.

    Also, 0.44.1 still has the bug where the proper drive speeds aren’t detected. I have to manually change my drive speed to 16x for DVD.

    Thanks for this great software.

  23. Robo says:

    I cannot erase any rewritable disc (DVD or CD) too. (NEC 4551A)

  24. Casey says:

    Thanks Christian for a wonderful app! It’s sleek and slim, no bloat at all.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, I tried burning some discs but it didn’t work. After the estimation of the file size (Done estimating the system file size), then IR stops. It used to work for me, and now it doesn’t.

    I worked around that by burning to iso manually, then burn the iso to disc. I would prefer if I can just burn OTF (which i normally do). Oddly, even if I don’t use OTF, it also doesn’t work. It seems that there’s a bug with estimating the file sizes.

    I’m using an external dvd drive, burning OTF and 128MB buffer.

  25. Shadovv says:

    I came across your program while looking for a free lightweight alternative to Nero an Roxio, both came with my PC and burners which I found was overly bloated and contained a bazillion things which loads processes on PC startup for features which I don’t need.

    I have to say, both Nero and Roxio is uninstalled =).

    May I make a suggestion though, you might want to have a look or contact the developer of this program.

    It’s a nifty little program licensed under GPL, which creates extra ecc data on iso images, and also useful if you’re trying to read a damaged disc.
    Say for example I’m trying to burn something that’s 4GB’s in size, but a typical DVDR is about 4.3-4.4GB ish… instead of just wasting the remaining space I use infrarecorder to create an ISO image, then use DVDisaster to alter the iso image with extra ecc data before going back to infrarecorder to burn the image.

    This is pretty tedious, be good if you can combine features of DVDisaster into InfraRecorder.

  26. Dominic says:

    My Toshiba SD-R5112 always burns dvds at 1x

    Hardware window shows read 40/5x, write 16/2x
    When it is capable of 40/12 and 16/4

    Please find a way to unlock the cd/dvd speeds from each other

  27. Guti says:

    Thank you very much Christian.

  28. rascal says:

    It would be very good if infra would be mush more verbose when burning… I’d like to see more detailed log, something that ImgBurn has.
    More logs helps user understand what program is doing, so It’s less like some “black box”.
    Simply I prefer mor verbose logs instead some animated pictures….

  29. erik says:

    I’ve just upgraded to and irLame.irc (v. no longer be recognized. I tried to update the .irc file but have no luck, InfraRecorder still detects it as version “0”. I’m running on Vista Enterprise – 32bit.

  30. gab says:

    Very nice, usable and small software, keep developing!

    (I was shocked when I tried Nero 8 – the program wanted to install 2046 mb by default!!! I only need a software that burns dvds!!! The Nero approx. 250 mb itself!!! Bloatware sucks!)

  31. Mark says:

    Have tried 44.1, and also 43.1 & 44.0. w2000.

    In 44.0 & 44.1, the ok is greyed out, 43.1 falls over when I click okay


    InfraRecorder version (x86)
    Started: Friday, December 21 2007 18:14:50.
    Versions: MSW = 5.0, IE = 6.0, CC = 5.81.
    Opened device ‘D’ using SPTI.
    Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02.
    CDB: 0x46,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x08,0x00
    Sense: 0x70,0x00,0x05,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x12
    Command line = “C:\Program Files\InfraRecorder\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -scanbus.
    > /cygdrive/c/Program Files/InfraRecorder/cdrtools/cdrecord: Warning: controller returns wrong size for CD capabilities page.
    > Using libscg version ‘schily-0.9’.
    > scsibus0:
    > 0,0,0 0) ‘SAMSUNG ‘ ‘SV2002H ‘ ‘RA10’ Disk
    > 0,1,0 1) ‘SONY ‘ ‘CD-RW CRX100E ‘ ‘1.0m’ Removable CD-ROM
    > 0,2,0 2) *
    > 0,3,0 3) *
    > 0,4,0 4) *
    > 0,5,0 5) *
    > 0,6,0 6) *
    > 0,7,0 7) HOST ADAPTOR
    > scsibus1:
    > 1,0,0 100) *
    > 1,1,0 101) ‘LG ‘ ‘CD-ROM CRD-8521B’ ‘1.02’ Removable CD-ROM
    > 1,2,0 102) *
    > 1,3,0 103) *
    > 1,4,0 104) *
    > 1,5,0 105) *
    > 1,6,0 106) *
    > 1,7,0 107) HOST ADAPTOR

  32. T60 says:


    this nice Application is still unable to erase CD-RWs. Even if I try it on an old Toshiba Satellite or on a IBM T60 with GSA-4083N 1.08.

    It hangs with 0% progress, sometimes it damages the media.

  33. Guti says:

    Would like to see NRG image file supported in IR, as they are RAW, BIN and ISO.

  34. Ted Nicolson says:

    Great burner app.
    Anybody knows if it supports extraction of CD-Text info?

  35. Espartaco says:

    I have an ISO file kubuntu-6.06.1-dvd-i386.iso already md5sum-checked that I can’t burn to a DVD 4.7GB 16x Verbatim because the OK button is disabled. My IR is version 0.44.1 and my DVD driver is LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4836K on my HP desktop with Windows XP SP2.
    I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks a lot.

  36. daniel says:

    very good tool. much appreciated.
    it will be very nice if you could have an option to
    create an audio cd from a m3u file.
    m3u file = palylist file.

    also a NRG , mdf. dao image file format can be inserted well as iso and bin.

    keep the very good work!

  37. Sacha says:

    Thank you for the program! Seems very useful!
    But I have faced similar issue when writing DVD-RWs in multisession format – the error appiars CANNOT AUTOMATICALLY RELOAD TRY MANNUAL then end.
    I use the 0.44.1
    My Laptop DVDRAM – MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ 852S 1.50

    Thank you for update!

  38. GCP says:

    I loaded the 4.4.1 release on Windows 98SE and still have the disabled OK. When I select the Burn Compilation, there seems to be an endless loop of “Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02. with CDB and Sense Data. If I select the Advanced Tab, the Yamaha Audio Master is selected and disabled, the slider bar is visible and enabled, but no functionality seems to work, and the textbox reads 0.




    Command line = “D:\PROGRAM FILES\INFRARECORDER\cdrtools\cdrecord.exe” -scanbus.

    > Using libscg version ‘schily-0.9’.

    > scsibus0:

    > 0,0,0 0) ‘JLMS ‘ ‘XJ-HD166S ‘ ‘DUS1’ Removable CD-ROM

    > 0,1,0 1) ‘CyberDrv’ ‘CW078D CD-R/RW ‘ ‘140E’ Removable CD-ROM

    > 0,2,0 2) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,3,0 3) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,4,0 4) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,5,0 5) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,6,0 6) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,7,0 7) HOST ADAPTOR

    > 0,8,0 8) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,9,0 9) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,10,0 10) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,11,0 11) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,12,0 12) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,13,0 13) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,14,0 14) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk

    > 0,15,0 15) ” ” ” NON CCS Disk


    Opened device [0,1,0] using ASPI.

    Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02.

    CDB: 0x46,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x08,0x00

    Sense: 0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00



    Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02.

    CDB: 0x4A,0x01,0x00,0x00,0x10,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x08,0x00

    Sense: 0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00



    Error: SCSI command failed, returned: 0x02.

    Absolutely no problems on my WinXP system. Hope this helps.

  39. MARIANA says:



  40. MARIANA says:


  41. user says:

    no realtime priority class possible
    Permission denied.Warning: cannot set priority using setpriority

    while burning an dvd I see this message. what is it and is it normal??
    the cd’s and dvd’s running well after burning. thanks for info

    mopsy m.

  42. HugoB says:


    I would suggest that you use ImgBurn when burning Movies. Please see

  43. SuperMario says:

    very good job Christian !!!
    It works OK with 3 different CD/DVD burners (Plextor W24/10/40A, Pioneer DVR 111, LG E40L), made many tests successfully with CD/DVD R!
    I have only one suggestion… could you add support for burning audio CD/DVD with zero gap between tracks ?
    Or I missed this option if present ?
    Thanks very much,

  44. galileo says:

    Wonderful application – you are to be heartily congratulated.

    A thought for the future: add the ability to mount ISO files as virtual drives similar to Daemon Tools and some other apps.

    Thanks again,

  45. Luca says:

    Thank you very much; InfraRecorder is a great app, I love it! I’m using it since 0.31 for almost every burn-task, instead of bloated Nero.

    @Charbel, why don’t make an icon design contest?

    Anyway, nice work.

    Thaks again,

  46. DmitryYakimov says:

    galileo, there is a daemon tools freeware version so it is unneeded feature – to mount an ISO as virtual drive. The only thing I’m missing from IR – checkbox of checking integrity of written ISO files is disabled.

  47. Roy says:

    Still doesn’t work for me. I am very disappointed – it used to work and all of a sudden it stopped working.

    my log:
    Opened device ‘C’ using SPTI.
    DeviceIoControl failed, last error: 1117.

    My burners:
    3,0,0 300) ‘PIONEER ‘ ‘DVD-RW DVR-109 ‘ ‘1.58’
    3,1,0 301) ‘_NEC ‘ ‘DVD_RW ND-4550A ‘ ‘1.07’

    Please assist!

    Thank you!!!

  48. galileo says:


    Yep, I am aware of that – and of several other sources as well. My observation is more along the lines of having that capability built into IR so that one does not have to install/load multiple apps to obtain more features. I have a personal preference against “cobbling” together a system with numerous apps….I am always concerned about the proverbial “house of cards” syndrome that develops as one continues more and more apps to one’s system.

    But, thanks for chiming in with your comment!

  49. jackhammer says:

    I recently found Infra Recorder on the Net. I realy like it’s “simplexity”. It would be the recording software of my choice, but always I try to burn a DVD my Computer crashes with a Bluescreen. I have a Plextor PX 750A DVD-Writer with the latest firmware. And i’m running a Windows XP SP2 Home with all updates on my Machine. I don’t know why it crashes and it’s annoyingly. I can give you more information about my system if required. And I wish you a successfull development for the future. I will keep an eye on you 😉

  50. dan says:

    where’s the new version?

  51. ghost says:

    good question…

  52. the elwood says:

    I think it’s the same as with Christians other project (TUGZip).
    It’s a good application, but now he simply stopped development and nobody knows anything.

  53. Christian says:

    InfraRecorder development has not stopped. The reason for the delay is that a rather large portion of the code has/will been rewritten, namely the disc file system creation routines. ISO/Joliet is pretty much completed, and I am currently working on the UDF implementation.

    Please be patient.

  54. Hey Guys… If you want a new version.. have you donated to support further development?
    This is a great app.. I like where it is heading. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the next version.


  55. pepemosca says:

    We will wait 🙂

  56. Mark says:

    Please cancel my earlier posting about installation failure.

    3rd download was the charm. Don’t know why there was a problem, but this time it installed.

    Thank you.

    Now to see how well it works……


  57. chupy says:

    Christian – keep up the good work, don’t let the whiners break you down.

    Awaiting the new version of one of the best CD recording software out there.

  58. sean says:

    So, if you are rewriting the disc file system creation routines, then the next version of InfraRecorder will not depend on mkisofs.exe any longer? Are there any plans of getting rid off the remaining cdrtools?

  59. Dlyan says:

    you should add InfraRecorder in Windows Auto Launcher I mean, I want to see when I insert a DVD/CD for example something like “Burn with InfraRecorder”

    Thanks, Great freeware!

  60. Christian says:

    sean: My goal is to remove mkisofs in the next release and then slowly remove cdrtools altogether.

  61. Nosferatu says:

    Got shocked at what has become of Nero in version 8. Found Infrarecorder,
    so far very happy. Amazing how you don’t need a 200 mb app to burn stuff, isn’t it

  62. Ibrahim says:

    Hi, I’ve been using this for a while and it’s great, but I was just wondering why I never see the burning effect in Vista x64. Does the x64 version not have the burning effect? I have the checkbox enabled and everything. I don’t really mind, it’s just that I thought it would be cool to see a program that uses Aero effects well and it turns out that it doesn’t work on my computer. It’s a pretty decent gaming rig, so there shouldn’t be any power problems.

  63. Christian says:

    Ibrahim: The smoke effect should work under Vista x64. The effect currently requires DirectX9 to run, do you have that installed?

  64. Ibrahim says:

    Yes, I should have it installed, in fact since Vista comes with DirectX10 and DirectX9L for compatibility I should have both. And I can play DX9 games fine so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Nothing wrong with functionality though, so it’s ok.

  65. Bob Good says:

    I’d like to see multi-session improved (better integration). It’s a bit confusing. Other than that…a great application.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  66. Soyos says:

    user : “Permission denied.Warning: cannot set priority using setpriority()”

    I think this problem is a cygwin1.dll problem….

  67. Soyos says:

    I try replace cdrtools with Dirk Paehl’s version ( 2.01.01a37 from )
    but same result….

  68. Marc says:

    What is the intention behind getting rid of cdrtools?
    The cdrtools are known to be stable and functional whereas selve written burning routines often lack of the aforementioned stability and reliability.

  69. Leonard says:

    Does not work for SATA drives. My HP has only SATA drives for DVD/RW (and the hard drives). When I tried Actions – Burn Image the drive icon has greyed out “No Recorders Available”.

    Also, under Options – Devices nothing is shown. When I click Rescan it flashes “Scanning SCSI/IDE bus…”. It finds nothing, but I think this is what the problem is. Note: BurnISO also can’t see the drive, and that is how I searched and found InfraRecorder which has so many other features.

    Please add SATA support, I’ll test it for you. It is supposedly the new standard.

    Thanks for such a fine program!

  70. uncola says:

    .44.1 still has the OK button greyed out for me when I try to burn ISOs to my sata recorder. when I revert to .43.1 it works again! Your program is kickass so I hope you fix this bug soon 🙁

  71. Christian says:

    Marc: cdrtools (especially mkisofs) has some limitations making it hard evolving InfraRecorder and fulfilling requests by users. Support for cdrtools will remain until any other implementation is considered stable enough.

    Leonard: I use as SATA recorder my self, so it’s not necessarily a SATA issue. Please see the FAQ for possible reasons for the problem.

  72. uncola says:

    Christian thanks for pointing me to the faq, I believe it was a rights issue with the dvdrw drive in vista caused by installing sp1 recently. infrarecorder now works with my sata dvdrw. thanks

  73. Thanks for this great free software. I just switched Infra Recorder from Nero.

    I want to ask you to add these features to IR.

    1. Never auto-uncheck “Eject the disc after writing” option. I check this option, it works just one burn. Reopening the program and this option is unchecked.

    2. Sounds. Maybe just “Burn finished” sound. I used to XP’s “tada.wav” for Nero.

  74. Athan says:

    Just want to say thanks for this little gem.
    Great job Christian!

  75. alfayate says:


    First of all, thank you very much for this program. I think it’s a good effort to get a free CD-DVD burning software for windows.

    Unfortunately, it still has a long way to go. For example: the problem with erase CD-RW.

    I burned a CD-RW with Infrarecorder, in the simpliest way (just one session, closing the CD) and then I tried to erase it. It seems to work, in fact it only takes a second to do it!, it would be perfect, except that it doesn’t erase anything. I tried all the erase methods, to reload the CD before, older versions… and it’s allways the same: no errors, but no erase neither.

    Hope you can solve it and thanks for your attention

  76. Szabie says:

    Hi there!
    Another reason if Infrarecorder can not recognize your device is Nero’s Drivespeed. Shut it down and everything will work fine 🙂

  77. pihug12 says:

    What’s up with v0.45 ?
    It should be released in february !

    Thank you for this awesome freeware ! 😉

  78. frozen says:

    Best software out there.. Thank you..

    Try to convince my boss to donate.

  79. y0rm4m4 says:

    great piece of freeware, waitin anxiously for 0.45 😉
    thanks for the effort!

  80. Tom says:

    thank you, fine work!

  81. Charlie says:

    This looks like a nice lightweight but powerful enough burning program. I like it but cannot get the latest verion 0.44.0 or .1 to work. I’ve reverted back to an even earlier version on that works for now.

    Is there a fix coming out for this?

  82. finrandil says:


    I installed this software and tried to burn some data to dvd with it. But after burning some files my dvd appears as audio cd with track01.cda in it! I’ve chosen a “data dvd” mode so I can’t figure out where I’m doing wrong. Could someone help me?

  83. Ewen says:

    Very nice app, Christian. I use it on a number of computers with IDE & SATA drives & it works fine on all of them. I especially like that it doesn’t lock up the whole computer (like Nero) when you insert a disc. I use it exclusively for all of my burning & it has been 100% reliable.

    Thanks and well done !

  84. Namorip says:

    After installing (and even uninstalling) DaemonTools Lite (v. Infrarecorder keeps BSOD’ing when preparing to record with the params:

    0000009c (00000004, 805463f0, b2000000, 00070f0f)

    and subsequently restarts the machine. Deleting and reinstalling the DVDwriter didn’t help.

    This is really nasty, i liked this prog very much…
    Any ideas?..

  85. Leslie says:

    Hi Christian!
    When I tried write the disc to an image file, I got this message :
    “Can’t read source disc. Retrying from sector 0
    Error on sector 0 not corrected.
    Done reading disc.”
    Later I tried this action another disc. I have same result.
    What should I do?
    Regards : L

  86. Stefan1200 says:

    @ Leslie: The next version have a new disk image routine, so maybe your problem are gone with the next version of IR.

  87. Mr. Smith says:

    Hello Folks,
    I don’t think Christian will release a new version soon. At his other project, TUGzip, he recently wrote a news:
    “Unfortunately I am no longer able to support and work on TUGZip as much as I want, I am sure most of you already realized.” You can read it in the news-section at

    I personally think, InfraRecorder as well as TUGzip are excellent programs, but Chrisitan has to little time to work on, a new release of InfraRecorder will take some time.

    @Christian: Why don’t release InfraRecorder as OpenSource-Project? So other people can help developing this amazing app.

  88. andy says:

    Hi Christian,

    I have 2 Harddisks at Raid0, so i doesnt can change die Raid Controller to IDE
    Infrarecorder also can not find my new SATA Recorder 🙁
    I love Intrarecoder, can you fix it please!?

    Sorry for my bad english!

  89. Christian says:

    Mr. Smith: I am not able to maintain both projects and have decided to focus on one. As the roadmap states version 0.45 of InfraRecorder will be released next week.

    InfraRecorder is open source.

    Leslie: Would you please try that again and send me the log file afterwards (View -> Program Log…).

    andy: I will not have time to fix it for version 0.45 I am afraid. Hopefully in the next version after that.

  90. fcspaul says:

    Will the new version correct the issues I had copying audio CDs?

  91. Athan says:

    Nice to hear that a new release is close. I was afraid that IR development was stalled.
    Thanks Christian!

  92. Aan says:

    how can I fix slow burning in InfraRecorder? When using Nero with same Windows setting, same burner, same medium, same datasize I get in Nero time 13:30 (at 8x burning) but in InfraRecorder I get 23 minutes

    How can I fix slow burning in InfraRecorder? I’d like to use IR, but when I need to wait 23 minutes instead 14 minutes it’s very annoying.

  93. Robin Smith says:

    Hi Christian, your program is fantastic, and like all programs not perfect. But thankyou so much for your gift.. I wish I could help the program..

  94. Wes says:


    I am trying to write an iso file that is 4.39 gb and everytime I start the burn process it reports:

    Skipping the file is larger that 4gb.

    I am sure infrarecorder can write files over 4 gb, what am I doing wrong?

    Help Please,


  95. Gaston says:

    First of all I´d like to say I´ve been using this software for a while and it’s just GREAT. Thank you very much.

    But I’ve got an issue regarding the bug that is reported in this post.
    I´m using the latest IR version under WinVista. I’ve got three HD (C:, D: and E:) installed on my system and a DVD recorder (F:).
    IR successfully detects the recorder (at least it shows it´s real name) but when I try to burn a disc, the OK button is not available.
    Everything looks fine except for one strange syntom: When I go to “Devices”, the name of the recorder appears there, but when I double click on it (to see its detailed info) the drive letter that appears is E: instead of F:
    If I swap drive letters between HD E: and DVD-R F:, then everything works fine.
    But I need my HD under E:!!
    I’ve tried installing and reinstalling normal and portable, x86 and x64 instalations

    Any clues?

  96. Lukas says:

    Big trouble. Program failed to write on disk and switched to virtual drive. I am using portable version, so I cannot find the folder, in which is it written on drive C:
    It now occupies more that 4GB of drive C: (I could have watched the disk being fullfilled) and slows the whole system down. Searching for files via recovery programs or WindowsXP not helpful. Nore Recovery point. I googled out the folder, not succesful.
    Does anybody know the folder? Thanks!

  97. cheap windows 7 key says:

    First of all I´d like to say I´ve been using this software for a while and it’s just GREAT. Thank you very much.