Version Update

Version 0.43.1 has been released. It does not contain any new features, but corrects some bugs with the previous version. View the changelog here.

The SourceForge community choice awards 2007 has started, to nominate InfraRecorder visit this page (you will need to be a registered SourceForge member).

65 Responses to “Version Update”

  1. Ediseye says:

    Awesome to hear. I was anxiously waiting for an update to this program. Hopefully we can look forward to an update every month.

    Great non bloated program. I love it!

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks for the new release! I have completely replaced Nero with the latest 0.43 release and look forward to future updates. 🙂

  3. Jim says:

    I’ve downloaded the WinXP ZIP archive from both the download page and the sourceforge project files area, both have cdrecord version 2.01.01a22. Your change history notes say it should be 2.01.01a26?

  4. Oldboy says:


  5. Jim says:

    The change log says has cdrecord version 2.01.01a26. I’ve downloaded the Win XP ZIP archive from the Project Website Download section and the Sourceforge Project Files area . Both appear to still have 2.01.01a22 (simply checked through cdrecord -version).

  6. Christian says:

    My misstake, it seems I only updated the cdrtools in the 64-bit release.

  7. mojojojo says:

    Thanks Christian! Now that infrarecorder supports erasing discs on my recorder, it does everything I need. Now I can say goodbye to the preinstalled bloatware burning tools on my computer. Keep up the good work.

  8. Ivan Kolevski says:

    Thanks for the update. Is the speed burning bug fixed in this release? Also, browsing thru the sourceforge project downloads I’ve noticed that there’s no updated files with the new cdrecord version 2.01.01a26/ last update was on 19th.
    Keep up the good work. InfraRecorder is also good as a portable app. Any plans for making portable version?

  9. Christian says:

    Ivan: Unfortunately the speed bug is not fixed. I made a mistake with the latest version of cdrtools as I said in my previous post. Maybe I can add these files as a separate download somewhere.

    As I see it InfraRecorder is portable. If it isn’t, please let me know what to change.

  10. Ptigui says:

    Explorer performance was a real problem on my computer… This upgrade seems to solve it : great upgrade for me !

    Many thanks, Christian !! Ptigui

  11. Stefan1200 says:

    Thanks for update, I will check erasing DVD+RW with my recorder in the next weeks. If it does not work, I make a post here again.

  12. Henry Jackman says:

    Thanks for InfraRecorder — it’s the best burning solution I’ve tried and believe me, I’ve tried a lot of them. When can we expect the version update with the updated cdrtools? Cheers.

  13. Carlos says:

    Thankz Christian for this great set of appz.

    The onlyone comment…

    If you can do the image creator process faster, i can reemplace completly Ahead Nero commercial solution.

    Thankz again.
    Santiago, Chile.

  14. Dandruff says:

    yeah, many thanks for this application. replaced plextools xl with infrarecorder, because plextools has some issues with sata-drives (when running in ahci mode).

  15. Mattias says:

    I’m trying out your piece of software and so far it looks very nice. Thanks!

  16. Passing By says:

    Nice program. I have some usability suggestions if you don’t mind. 😉

    “Fixate” should be renamed to “Finalize”. It just makes sense to me.
    Add a Multi-session option to InfraExpress and maybe auto detect sessions too.

  17. laser says:

    please make option to remove exploring upper winowes because i use drag-n-drop only and i use disc layout window only

  18. mipap says:

    I removed Nero and i’ll only use infrarecorder. Better, smaller and it comes with 64 bit code. IMO the only one.

    But I hate ask for that store with terminate the program.

    Thynks for the good work!


  19. Henry Jackman says:

    Hi. I’ve got a request for IR. Could you add a gapless audio option for burning music cd’s? I noticed IR (or maybe it’s cdrdao) adds a 2 second delay between tracks and a gapless option would be nice for this excellent burning tool. Thanks!

  20. Dandruff says:

    yeah i also need an option to remove the 2seconds pause between audio-tracks!

  21. Andrej says:

    ||# ramirez Says:
    ||June 8th, 2007 at 10:31 am
    ||Good work. but, settings.xml MUST be stored in %UserProfile%\Application ||Data\.. folder. Without this, non-admin users (that dont have access to ||drive) can’t set options. For example, temporary dir. Or, temprary dir ||parameter must allow format like: %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp.
    ||These bugs makes impossible using InfraRecorder in domain network. And ||deplying InfraRecorder to workstations using policies. =(
    Maybe some settings can be stored in registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\InfraRecorder”?

  22. Andrej says:

    It can be really useful to automatically copy from one CD to another with one device (without manually creating iso).
    Sorry for poor english.

  23. Marco Ravich says:

    Really interesting to see peoples switching.

    An idea: why don’t we ask burners’ manufacturers to support IR ?

  24. gnuorder says:

    I downloaded version 4.3.1, the executable, and it has file corruption. I tried from several sourceforge servers and they are all the same. I’m downloading the zip version now to see if it has the same problem.

  25. kadath says:

    Has anyone tried InfraRecorder under Wine on Linux? I’m curious about how well it would work.

  26. Daniele says:


    Thank you for IR, it’s fantastic!!!

    I hope it will soon support DISC AT ONCE burning and it will be perfect!!!

    It need also the mp3 and other format decoder to burn AUDIO CD…

    I uninstalled NERO yesterday, now I’m using only Free SOFTWARE: WOW!!!

    If you need a simple and useful program IR is what you need!!! 😀

  27. max says:

    > now I’m using only Free SOFTWARE


  28. ParaDoX says:

    Thanks for this great open source software!

    I’m almost just using IR, it’s simple and I LOVE it (It would be just great, if someone cann add more decoders, so you can easily burn Audio CD’s)


  29. dan says:

    How to burn a bootable cd with windows xp?

  30. Marco Ravich says:

    >> now I’m using only Free SOFTWARE

    Or ReactOS in the future:

  31. 오픈소스 CD 굽기 프로그램 Infra Recorder 한글 언어팩 – ì—…ë?°ì?´íŠ¸…

    == 2007.07.12 == 지난 6ì›” 19ì?¼ì—? ì—…ë?°ì?´íŠ¸ 했군요. =ã……= 늦었지만 ì—…ë?°ì?´íŠ¸ë¥¼ ë°˜ì˜?í•œ 버전ì?„ 올립니다. ê°œì?¸ì ?으로 파코즈를 ìž?주 가지는 않습니다. 몇 ê°œ 게시íŒ?만 RSS ë¡œ 구ë?…하고 있는ë?°, 간만…

  32. Mr.Dust says:

    Hi.. I update the korean language pack for 0.43.1
    please apply this

  33. Ivan Kolevski says:

    no need for wine under Linux, just use Brasero. It is very, very similar to IR.

  34. Javier says:

    Great work! However, I have two requests.

    1)Gapless audio CD option
    2)Store settings in user’s profile

  35. Phasechange says:


    Can this program burn FLAC files? I need new burning software but it needs to do FLAC -> CDDA.


  36. Brian says:

    I’m amazed that so many comments are made regarding burning Audio CD’s
    with InfraRecorder-surely it’s main purpose should be the reliable burning of
    data.There are quite a few good free audio burners available [eg ‘Burrrn’ from] but good freeware multisession CD DVD data burning software is hard to find.If InfraRecorder could automatically import previous
    sessions it would be just about perfect.Many thanks Christian.

  37. Jimmy says:

    Second this:

    Great work! However, I have two requests.

    1)Gapless audio CD option
    2)Store settings in user’s profile

    and adding request for MSI on x86. Primarily for group policy deployment

  38. Andy says:

    This is perfect in every way except for one feature (which I was surprised was not there). Gapless audio tracks!!!

    Why oh why must there be a 2 second gap in between tracks? Maybe this is some sort of ‘standard’ thing… Though an option to remove them would be very nice.

  39. Ole Martin says:

    Great tool!

    I can’t seem to understand how to add CD-TEXT to audio compilations thought. I have filled out all the information under the audio tab in project properties, yet none of it seems to get on the cds I burn. Cant see any options to enable/disable CD-TEXT either so I guess it’s supposed to be enabled by default? I’m using Vista Home Premium with IR 0.43.1 using SAO as writing method.

    @Brian, people like this program, that’s why there are so many posts about burning audio discs here. InfraRecorder got the whole package, that’s why people uses it. I’ve tried Burrrrn for audio files, but I didn’t like it much, and when I found InfraRecorder I got quite happy, because I don’t need like 3 different applications to burn various kinds of discs. Besides, what you might think is the most important feature isn’t what the rest of the world thinks. Christian obviously thinks it’s important enough to include in IR, otherwise the feature would not have been there.

    @Andy, if you’re getting 2 sec gaps when using SAO as writing method it must be the tracks itself that got 2 seconds of silence in them, if it’s not the tracks you could try TAO with zero pregap. I have no problems creating cds without gaps between the tracks…

  40. Igor says:

    This program could be a great alternative to nero. But there are some odd bugs. I found the write method field was empty (my hardware is Matshita UJ-845D), and it refused to append any data to any cd (left open). It just says that my hardware doesn’t support any write method at all.

  41. This is a great piece of software. It does exactly what I need, works well, is simple to use and isn’t bogged down by bloatware.

    I have been recommending this software to others for many months.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  42. Nerd says:

    I like this programm. thx
    what i missed is a funktion to burn cue files inclusive mp3 or wav files on cd.-
    i hope for next time.

  43. Milan says:

    Výborný program. PáÄ?i sa mi a že je free!!!

  44. Ian Ozsvald says:

    We have 5 tutorial videos for InfraRecorder at ShowMeDo:
    InfraRecorder How To []
    by one of our most recent authors – Dai.

    I’m not really sure where else to announce these…I think they would be very useful to show new users what is possible with InfraRecorder and get them up and running quickly.

    Topics covered:
    1. Burning files
    2. Copying audio
    3. Reformatting
    4. Disk image
    5. Burning ISO

    I see that InfraRecorder already has a YouTube video – just to note that our 5 videos have crystal clear visual quality (no YouTube mush!).

    Hoping these are useful to the community,
    Ian Ozsvald (co-founder of ShowMeDo)

  45. k0st1an says:

    C:\>cdrecord.exe –help

    -dao Write disk in SAO mode. This option will be replaced in the future.
    -sao Write disk in SAO mode. This option will be replaced in the future.

  46. Robert says:

    Hey Christian,

    great programm you wrote there. Just wanted to mention that the audio cd code maybe needs some more attention. When trying to create an audio cd, the created wav files are incorrectly coded (eg. not 44100 Hz, 16 bit stereo). So the burning fails with an “inappropriate coding” error. Should be easy to fix with libsndfile.

    cheers Robert

  47. Mihai Dobrescu says:


    There’s a big issue with the filenames:
    When the path length or the filenames chars don’t comply with the written standard, there is no warning, but the names are truncated or changed without any warning.
    Then, the disc verification falis, or worst, the files loose their extension or more and couldn’t be found or identified correctly.
    I suggest a warning with canceling possibility, giving to the user the choice of choosing a name, a standard or another handling (archiving for instance) and to rebuild the disc.

  48. Anderson says:

    A New Link for Portable U3:

  49. Helper says:


    If you try to burn a compilation from multiple sources (CD in my situation) this doesn’t work.
    Is it normal ?

    Thanks for this great software !!!

  50. Edtech says:


    Little bug on Windows Vista. The configuration file is not save because the Program files directory is read only. The configuration file must be placed in AppData directory (read environment variable for location).

    Thanks for your job !

  51. Mehtuus says:

    AWESOME program! but, but, but… is there a FLAC plugin planned?

  52. Mikee says:


    I had to reinstall version 0.42, because for some reason, 0.43 will not allow me to erase a CD-RW. The OK button is always grayed out. 0.42 does not have this issue.

  53. Paul says:

    First: Thank you for the program.

    A request, when I try to record on top of a CDRW that has already data (iso image) on it, it doesn’t give me the option to erase the previous session. Instead, just tells me that I can’t do it, so I have to close the menu and go to erase CD etc. If you could implement a pop up window that let us know that the CDRW can’t be recorded but offer the option to erase it (without leaving the burning image session) will be good.


  54. Hraefn says:

    I’m having the same problem as Mikee with 0.44 (portable): the OK button is always grayed out. Downgrading to 0.43.1 fixed the problem.

    Otherwise, this is a great piece of software! I’ve been banging my head trying to get Nero to burn to a 99min/870mb CD, but InfraRecorder was the only program to do it successfully. Good job!

  55. Gaz says:

    I am having the same problem with 0.44; the OK button is grayed out and I can’t burn, copy, etc. to my Optiarc DVD burner. OS is Vista Home Premium.


  56. Gaz says:

    Update to my previous post:

    “Gaz Says:
    November 22nd, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    I am having the same problem with 0.44; the OK button is grayed out and I can’t burn, copy, etc. to my Optiarc DVD burner. OS is Vista Home Premium.


    I also uninstalled 0.44 and tried version 0.43.1, and the problem went away; at least for burning ISO’s to a CD. However, I am using Vista, so who knows what the Vista surprise was…or will be. Guess I’ll find out. :).

    Thanks for a fine product.

  57. D says:

    I have nothing but problems with this program. Try to burn a compilation, and error upon error: cannot load cue sheet after building ISO. Cannot even start burning! In the past it would burn (sometimes), but the disc wasn’t written! Doesn’t make sense. I have uninstalled it yet again.

  58. JAW says:

    I’ve downloaded v0.44.1 2000/XP/Vista from SourceForge, and I’m experiencing the same problem as Gaz and Hraefn above: the OK button is disabled. Going into “Options > Devices” shows that the application does not see the CD/DVD burner in my Asus U6 laptop; “Rescan” does not change that. The drive works fine when files are written from the Vista Explorer. Any ideas?

  59. Zilla says:

    Great app but I really need the ability to remove gaps. Hopeful it will happen.

  60. PhB75 says:

    I have the same problem: Infrarecorder does not see myCD/DVD device !

    I am using Vista Business Edition SP1 on a Laptop with administrators rights and InfraRecorder version 0.44.1.

    I also try cdrtools Frontend (that uses newer cdrtools version) and experiment the same problem.

    In a command prompt as an administrateur when I type “cdrecord -scanbus”, the CD/DVD drive is not listed. (cdrecord.exe version 2.01.01a26 and version 2.01.01a38)

    I have uninstalled Daemon Tools (virtual drive) and desactivate Vista Explorer Burn functionnality but nothing has changed.

    Hope we will find a solution to continue to use this great application!

    Any ideas?

  61. David says:


    – Free
    – Easy


    – Doesn’t support multi-drive burning (that I know of!)

    Overall, a great replacement for burning programs. If it adds multi-drive burning, simultaneously burning to multi-drives, it would change from a A rating to an A +++ rating!

    5 stars from me, but would be 6 with multi-drive burning!

  62. MQDuck says:

    Regarding FLAC, it’s not hard to decompress it to WAV. I recommend using Omni Encoder. Also great and painless for converting any of it’s supported formats (which is most) to any of the other supported formats. I use it when I want to convert my FLAC files to MP3 or OGV to send to friends who don’t care about lossy compression.

  63. gyrfalcon says:

    As others have said I will say too:

    Please add these features

    1)Gapless audio CD option
    2)Store settings in user’s profile
    3)FLAC Support

  64. Montyoto says:

    Yes, I’ll join the choir here: Nice work and I would remove competitors if only I could manage the AUDIO-GAPS on cd’s.

    In case anyone reads this and has the same issue I’ll recommend “cdrtools Frontend” (or CDRTFE) – open source – where you can control universal pause between tracks. Still not Nero-style where each track can have its own pause-length – but very usable for me.

  65. I think I’ve used InfraRecorder as long as it’s been around, and wouldn’t use anything else.

    I do have an issue with my test PC: It once had two monitors and InfraRecorder was positioned on monitor two. These days the test PC is only used remotely and has a single monitor, so InfraRecorder always opens off-screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, I’ve searched the registry, but I can’t see where and how size and position are stored. I can use it by maximising the application from the taskbar, but it would be nice to resolve this.

    Thanks for creating InfraRecorder nonetheless: it’s a wonderful tool.